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Sudden and Constant Redness of Face After Shaving

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently (a little over a month) transitioned to a new razor (Tatara Masamune Nodachi) and brush shaving after using my Merkur Long Handled Razor and Cremo for the past couple of years. The first few shaves were great, but I’ve been noticing some persistent redness on my face on the areas where I shave (upper lip/under nose, bottom lip, and the front of the chin). Curiously, other areas like my neck, sideburns, and the rest of my chin are fine after shaving. The red areas do not feel irritated. I don’t feel any rawness or roughness past the first hour or so after the shave (usually no pain at all), but I’m concerned that this redness could be the sign of a lasting or permanent issue. I always exfoliate with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, shave after a warm/hot shower, and finish with cold water.

The first shaves after getting the new razor were done with:

-Tatara Masamune Nodachi razor
-Astra Platinum blade
-Proraso White cream
-Van Der Hagen boar brush

For the past week, I’ve replaced some of the components with:

-Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Luxury Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin
-MÜHLE Classic Medium Black Silvertip Fiber Shaving Brush (synthetic)

I always shave with the grain and across the grain. I spray some antimicrobial hypochlorous fluid and occasionally some witch hazel after shaving. I tend to prefer aggressive razors.

I’ve been shaving with DE razors for years, and I hadn’t run into this issue until now. I’ve been moisturizing with CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion after shaving for the past 2 weeks, but it doesn’t seem to really solve the redness. I’m aware that the redness could be the result of a number of different things (reactions to cream, allergens/aggressiveness of brush, the razor itself, my technique), but I’m having difficulties finding a solution. Nothing seems to be helping.

Would anyone be able to offer any suggestions?
It's interesting this redness seems to be in those areas that have the most coarse, stubborn whiskers. Maybe there is something you're doing to get a closer shave in those areas. Do you maybe go over these areas multiple times without lathering in between?

I think it will be difficult to find the cause unless you can change only one thing at a time. Maybe go back to your tried and true and get everything back to normal. Then, start changing one thing until the problem shows up again.


I shaved a fortune
I had something similar happen.... out of the blue like you. I'll try to qualify things a bit. I have psoriatic arthritis that mainly affects my joints... but I have had skin issues in the past, but never on my face. So, a few months in to wet shaving, I started getting red bumps on my forehead and upper cheeks along with underlying redness... so obviously not caused by shaving itself, though there was also redness on my cheeks where I do shave. I should add, I guess, I had used a soap that really burned my face, so perhaps this shocked my overall face... I don't really know. Skip to the last paragraph if this is boring you. <eg>

I had changed shampoos to a supposedly more friendly one.. less harsh, with Rosemary and Eucalyptus.... I stopped using it but the red bumps stayed with me.

The bottom line, I ended up going to my dermatologist. She recommended the products you mentioned, so no issue there. But she also prescribed some "metrogel" (generic name for Metronidazole) and that solved the redness along with the red bumps in a few days. She also said I had spots of Rosacea independent of the red bumps... that could be the general redness.
Shaving yesterday for the first time ever with a Early 1920's Old Type (open comb), new Personna blade, etc. I see some redness this morning. Not, "Don't look at me, Jerry, I'm hideous!" It was closer than my face is used to with all my mid-century, safety bar razors. That hasn't happened to me for many years so I think, gentile as I am with face pressure, this one requires gentler still.
Could be those areas require more touch up and a tendency to apply pressure trying to clean up the weepers?

Age is another thing that causes changes such as these. The skin begins to thin a bit. I went thru a transition in my late 50's. Had to set the DE aside for a while.

Sounds like you are on the right track by changing out some things, process of elimination. One other possibility...stainless steel may not agree with your face.
Great suggestions above!

From your description, this does not look like it is related to sensitivity to your software.

My best guess is that irritation relates to technique (either razor angle or pressure) in the problem areas.
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This Tatara combination can be really tough on the blade. I tried a Nacet blade in this razor. The blade did not last through the first pass. The same blade in the Masamune configuration works fine. The same thing happened with a Wizamet blade. I inspected the blade with a microscope to see what was going on. It did not look good.
A Perma-sharp blade seemed to work better.

It might have something to do with the rigid head, combined with the resulting blade angle. People with light beard might not experience this
I have issues with those areas as well. Certain soaps seem to cause it more than others for me. Something about A&E St. Barts in particular. It's the only of their soaps I've tried so not sure if its just that one or something that is common in all their soaps.
Rub some shaving oil into your facial skin before each shave. Ease up on the pressure. Do fewer repeat passes.
While I don't like oils as preshaves, the idea is sound to use a preshave if one is having trouble as is the rest of your advice.

I've been shaving for decades but I'm a face toucher (alone, not in public) and missed whiskers drive me nuts so even I overdo it from time to time with too many passes on the troublesome areas. That's the curse part of my signature... ;)

As much as I love Captains Choice, I can't handle their creams! Every time I tried the CC Land Ho cream, it was burning my face. Uncomfortable shave. And I'm not the only one who has had an issue with it. Some soaps or creams come with ingredients that don't agree with our skin.
Could be alergy
Or itcould be food, for me if I eat to much chocolate or to much fast food, I get smal surfaice acne in that area
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