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SubStandard Surrey Brushs

Having used and enjoyed a couple of Old Spice mug / brush sets over the working years - I have tried a couple of Surrey brand (USA made) boar brushes in the last couple of years. The rascals shed way too much for me and never seem to get "broke in". I am tired of picking bristle off my chops before I shave!
I see myself going to Amazon for a Col. Conk soon!
Any others with this experience??
Yeah. I bought one of these a out of a drugstore a couple of years ago and it was exactly as you described. Absolute c**p. I'm thinking instead of Amazon, why not support an online vendor that supports B&B? There are some great people to deal with out there and I know they appreciate our business.


The name "Surrey" has never been in the same district as "quality." This is no surprise. I haven't used one but all the press I saw was bad. I believe they are VDH now. Quality seems to be up a bit.
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