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sturgeon bay



There is also an actual Sturgeon Bay on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada!
There is also a sturgeon bay on the NW side of lower Michigan. But it's a body of water, not a city.

I live near Sturgeon Bay, WI. Quite the tourist destination, especially in fall.
Just flicking through stuff that was all. Hope I didn't cause offence.

Oh no, of course not. B&B welcomes pulling threads from the dead! It was just interesting to me given the age. You must have been flicking through a lot of stuff to get back that far :).


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[MENTION=89420]alishock[/MENTION] no problem at all. I try to find old posts from the first couple of years and bump them back up so folks can see that not all that much has changed. We still ask the same questions and mostly get the same answers.


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I am guilty of doing that, I often ask questions that have been answer a thousand times before without looking. Probably some great content in the old posts
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