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Stupid Question

Yeah I warned you, but I have to ask. We all know about the Alum block trick to help with skin stretching. I tried it today and it didn't work.

I wet the thing and rub my fingers on in. But it doesn't help! If anything, the added moisture made my fingers slip even more.
:001_huh:Weird. Did you have any lather residue still on the skin you were trying to gain traction with?

Actually I didn't. Maybe that's the problem! I'm using the Osma block btw. Maybe there is a protective coating? Tomorrow I'll see if I can get better results.
I was actually thinking that if there was any lather it might hamper traction. If you have clear skin in the spot, huh. Don't know. I just wet my fingers and give them a rub on a dry block. Hope you find what works for you, alum is a great thing!
I had a similar experience with alum doing minimal for me regarding skin stretching. I am using razorock , but skin stretching wasn't much of an issue.
I worked! Yes, I needed a little lather residue to get traction. It doesn't make sense , but I'm not complaining. I got a nice close shave today, and the alum took take of the few weepers I suffered. It didn't sting as much as I thought.
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