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Stumptown Shibuya

Today's lunch time excursion was Stumptown Shibuya. A shoe repair and vendor. They sell Danner, Red Wing and Whites among others. Quite large second floor shop with two motorcycles and a lot of boots. Prices are even higher than US as might be expected. A few pics follow.
IMG_3121.JPG IMG_3124.JPG IMG_3125.JPG IMG_3126.JPG IMG_E3122.JPG IMG_E3123.JPG


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Looks like it would be hipster hang-out number 1!

I lived close to Shibuya many, many years back. What else have you been up to in Tokyo?
Yes - very trendy like much of Tokyo. Mostly working while here. I've been a few times before so have seen most of the museums, etc. now basically wandering about checking out what you find when you get lost - such as a small but well stocked Langlitz Leathers shop in the middle of a residential area. Even though the fish market moved, Tsukiji outer market is still the same as ever, so eating plenty of toro for breakfast. Picked up a few odd items in Akihabara. I have a couple of free days at the end of the trip so if you have any suggestions, I'm always interested in potential new things to try here.


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Have you visited Kappabashi? A great area for knives and kitchen gear in general.
Time to visit the White’s shop in Spokane. Your pictures were way too much for my weak resistance to their fine wares.

Bet that blue leather version isn’t one of White’s entry-level models. That motorcycle display evokes some hipster alright. ;)