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Stuck with microscrews over pins

Ever mock one up with micro screws and not want to mess it up and go to proper pins? I’ve always pinned but bought some of those micro screws a few years back and decided to use them mocking up this razor. Now that it is all together……..taking them out and pinning seems like taking a risk. Any advice from experienced users of both and changing from one to the other? Blond horn scales and lead wedge used on this old razor.





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Yea, no risk really.

The purpose of mocking up is to ensure that the pin holes were drilled perpendicular to the inside of the scales, that the scales and or blade are not warped and that the blade pin hole is also drilled/punch straight or large enough that there is some adjustment, (there usually is, vintage were punched), the wedge is not hitting the toe and with all the above, that the razor closes centered in the scales.

If you can adjust the blade centered with bolts, it will be fine pinned. Do not glue the wedge for maximum adjustment.

Personally, I do not like the feel of large or protruding pins and collars when stropping, so I am not a fan of bolts. I always leave the wedge a bit large and do not trim to final shape until the razor is pinned tight.

Nice work on the blade and scales. Love the horn color.
I used micro screws about 3 times when I started pinning.
Changed them all over to pins because I don't like how they look, feel, etc.
But it's your razor. No one else's opinion matters.
If you like the screws, keep them.
If not, change them.
If you mess up the pins, do them over.
If you mess up the scales during the process, do them over too.
Not my thread but I was wondering the same thing. I have a razor that works fine but still has this utilitarian feel because of the screws protrusion.
Thanks gents. Yes, I know I can make a change even if I mess it up. I guess I was hoping maybe there was some tried and true process others have figured out with these and moving to pins……but for me I am not sure I see the utility of the microfastners now that I tried them. Too bulky as is but I thought about filing them down and peening out. And once I’ve gone to the trouble of putting it all together right, taking it apart feels a little dumb. Either way, I’ll stick with normal pins in the future. I have no problem pinning so these were a waste. Live and learn.
The problem for me is the feel in the hand when stropping. I don’t even like stacked Sheffield collars and feel the are too bulky, love the look, not the feel.

Stropping is difficult enough, and I believe way under rated for edge maintenance and development. Any thing that detracts from that concentration for me is a distraction.

It is one of my complaints about Gold Dollars and their ilk, with bulky or floppy scales.

I always use bolts for mockup, but always peen razors tight. If you use a doming block, you can make washers look exactly like factory collars.
Agree, the bulk and poking out is too off putting for my preference. It just feels wrong in hand to me. Pins are too easy for me to play with these bolts again. There may be some uses to hold things in place temporarily, but I won’t be using for a full mock up again - just means I have to do it all twice in that case.
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