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Stubble Trouble's Straight Journey

Great shave today on My Boker 5/8 honed by Alex Gilmore. Extra laps on the canvas/suede/cordovan always pay off...

Just about BBS everywhere - Proroso Green / Omega Pro / Five passes
For the first time yesterday I honed all JNat beyond the 1K Chosera bevel set, as follows:

  • Tons of light strokes on Botan Tomo nagura, slowly broken down and diluted lightly with water thereafter
  • Same method on Meiiro Tomo nagura, with two slurries
  • Tomo / Shoubudani Honzan, with two slurries followed by water dilution, then plain water

Using Tomo on the Shoubudani takes a long time to build a slurry, so I guess I can say it's a hard stone. I have no experience to claim one way or the other how fast it is, but the results are very nice.

I had a very close shave yesterday morning but did a two-pass shave last night to test it out. There was a very notable difference in the keeness of the edge and the Acqua Velva was mostly silent. In my experience, any issues with the blade or bad technique are greatly amplified when shaving a close stubble in the first place, so it looks promising!
Quite a few more hones with the above method obtained very good results. I confess it's also nice to have only two stones in the drainer to dry off when all's said and done - Less is more...
Shave No: (1/∑ n-1 / Rockviper’s total shaves⁻¹ / Buca’s total shaves⁻¹) X 365 / 1

Strop: Kanoyama № 3 - 50/50/50 Pre/Post (Canvas/Suede/Leather)
Time Since Last Hone: Perhaps 30?
Hones: Chosera: 1K, Naniwa 3K, 5K, 10K. Shobudani Honzan with Atoma-raised slurry
Prep: Shower
Brush: Omega Pro boar
Software: Proraso Green
A/S: Proraso
Razor: Gold Dollar 66
Growth (days): 3
Method: Four Passes - WTG, XTG, XTG. ATG/XTG

Results: BBS-


Been a long time since I posted in my journal, but things have progressed very nicely all the same.

Happy to see all the new str8 shavers around!