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Struggling On...

The CF Sandalwood/Cedarwood I didn't mind the smell. It reminded me of when I was young and riding the school bus or even driving a vehicle down a dusty gravel road.

You can't go wrong with SV. I have Cosmo, 70th Anniversary(similar scent to 1445), Felce Aromatica(or fern) which is my favorite. I also have an Asylum Shave Works(Bullgoose Shaving) and SV collaboration soap named Colonia, which is discontinued or no longer in collaboration together. Nice scent and same great performance.

Wilkinson Sword Classic is one my 2 favorite blades. I was going to mention I had a couple blades that took a shave or two to smooth out. I quit using them. I figure if I can't get a good shave from the first use they aren't worth using in my book. I still tried new blades even though I found that Gillette Permasharp(green box, India) and Wilkinson swords were my top 2 with Feather in 3rd. Nice to see if there may be something better.
Thanks. I’ll definitely bear them in mind when my soap is up. Or when I just want something else!

I’m debating on the Wilkinson’s Sword or the Personna Reds. I’m assuming the Classic Wilkinson’s Sword is the black case?
So I decided to go with the Nacet in the end. And I enjoyed it.

I went with the science. The Platinums are good but, for me, not on the first shave.

Looking at the sharpness charts for the different blades, the Nacet seems to start where the Platinums get to on their second shave, which is my sweet spot. So the science has paid off so far. I’ll see how shaves 2 and 3 go!

No irritation and a decent shave. Took off 2/3 days growth with no problems. Is this blade “the one?”
Never tried the Nacet. If I decide I break down and buy myself something shaving related if I see these I might have to buy a pack since I see so many praise them here.

The Wilkinson Sword Classic comes in a white case also which I think are sold in Europe. The Classics are made in Germany. I think the ones in the white box are at 10 per.

There are a number of variants of the Wilkinson Sword name. There are some in a blue blister pack that to me are not good and I think are made in Mexico. I bought 100 of these off Amazon(I think) and wasn't paying attention that they were not the Classics. They felt dull.

There is also a Gillette Wilkinson Sword that is made in India which is made in the same plant as Gillette Permasharp(My blade along with the Classics) in the green box. I thought these they were a decent blade.
I had a second shave today, a “day after shave” with the Nacet and still no complaints. I’d recommend giving it a go if you ever feel the urge.

Nice info on the Wilkinson Swords. Mine didn’t come in the packaging, just the black blade case so no idea which I have.

Still have Personna Israeli Reds to try as well as the permasharp, but enjoying the Nacet at the moment!
I just received an black Friday email from Italian Barber and saw Nacets on sale for $9.99 per 100. Nice price but just too many to buy to try. I might buy a single pack though if I place an order.
Well I’ve recently got a FOCS. Got it for Christmas.

Didn't expect this much of a re-learning curve!! Just when I thought I was getting somewhere with the 34C and had my technique down, now when I use the FOCS I’m back to having neck irritation and yet to have a irritation free shave with it.

My thinking and hope is that I haven’t found the right blade to use with it yet. Surely it can’t be pressure? As I’ve got the pressure thing nailed with the 34C? Maybe it’s angle?

Anyone found this when going to a new razor? Especially as FOCS or slant?
I have not heard that the FOCS is overly picky in regards to blades but it might be that your current one is not optimal. Then it might be a pressure thing?

The advise that I got here when I first switched to a slant was - shave as with a regular one, don’t bother to much about the weird geometry.

I run mine with Personna Platinum, Gillette PermaSharp (PPI production for Turkey) and Bic Chrome Platinum.
Maybe it is pressure then? Maybe, because it’s more aggressive or efficient than the 34C, it’s more sensitive to pressure?

Do you ride the guard or the cap with yours? I found with the 34C, when going over sensitive areas, I would ride the cap, as it felt less painful. However, I’ve not found the sweet spot with the FOCS?
The regular Fatip head is definitely more aggressive and with more bladefeel than the Merkur 34. With the FOCS and some blades it is like there is no blade in it at all. With others there is a definite bladefeel. It is mighty efficient in both modes and I don’t mind bladefeel but it is a bit irritating when trying out new blades. I shave steep angle/riding the comb.
Interesting. Which “mode” would you say has less blade feel? I’ve definitely noticed a higher blade feel, which is resulting in the irritation I think?
Interesting. Which “mode” would you say has less blade feel? I’ve definitely noticed a higher blade feel, which is resulting in the irritation I think?
As I said I have it with certain blades, my technique stays the same sloppy/precise way as ever.

With PermaSharps I have the least bladefeel others tell good things about Bolzanos and Gillette Silver Blues...


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Changing razors changes angles and leverages - especially going from a razor with minimal support and minimal exposure to one with lots of blade support and exposure that might be more or less than your 34C (no two Fatip are like). You and your GSB will get the hang of your Fatip Lo Storto Originale in no time
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