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FS Strops, straights, and brushes

CONUS only please. Add 5 for shipping. Any questions feel free to ask. I can take more pics of anything so feel free to ask. If you feel like a price is too high talk to me. We will see if we can work out a deal. There will be a total of 3 posts to get all the pics included. Please refrain from posting until you see me say all pics are uploaded. If paying via PayPal goods and services please add I believe its 3 percent to cover costs. If it's less than that for the fees I will return anything extra paid of service fees.

First up are the strops. Going from left to right

Kikuboshi strop I really have no idea what 2 types of leather are used. The kikuboshi leather is very soft and reminds me of the leather that's used for my Perfect Japanese strop. I paid 100 plus 20 shipping to get it from Japan here. 75 obo

Pelican 2P Japanese strop. Leather does have cracks on back side but stropping side does not have cracks. I use the strop and have never felt like the cracks were compromising the leather. Paid 95 plus 20 to get it shipped from the Netherlands. 75obo

Red imp 700c. Stop is in great condition. There is one knick near the bottom. The strop has not been used too much. Leather is soft and pliable. The linen is not the original linen. Excellent strop highly sought after. 65obo

Parker red latigo 3" strop with nylon secondary strop. I bought it new and have used it maybe a dozen times. 55obo

Next up brushes bottom left to right then top left to right

The CaYuen brush with 24mm DS Cosmetic 2band. I bought it new and have used it 3 times.
I set the knot with silicone for easy removal. 50obo

C-MON replica brush. It is a flawed handle that Heritage Collection never wanted sold. The company who makes their handles sold it instead of destroying it. It has a bubble in the acrylic. I can send more pics if necessary. It has a 26mm unbranded silvertip knot. Great little handle and the knot is very soft. It's not a dense knot and loves the Sirling pet slow feeder bowl. Since it's not very dense it whips up one hell of a lather in the slow feeder bowl. Came with the knot set already so i dont know if its silicone or epoxy. 30obo

Lowborn Supply I think it is Zebra wood but may be mistaken. I also believe it is a 26mm knot. I bought the handle and the knot was given to me. I dont know what knot it is but it does gel very nicely. Knot is set with silicone. I have used it twice. 45obo

Lowborn supply green brush. 26mm synthetic knot. Knot is set with silicone. Very soft tips decent backbone. To me the knot feels very close to the synthetic knot in my Simpson Isle of Mann TT brush. I'm not saying that is what knot is in it, I am saying it feels very similar. 50obo

Unknown brush. Very soft tips I do not remember what knot it is but it's a popular synth knot, that I do know. I believe it's a 22mm knot in it. It's a great travel brush. 15obo

Straights I try to describe to the best of my ability. If you have any questions or want more pics please let me know. I will be glad to answer any questions or send additional pics. Razors are NOT shave ready unless stated otherwise.

Left row top down

WELTMEISTER 3/8" sculpture razor. I'm not sure if it was ever honed. In great condition. 30obo

Sharp 13/16" Japanese straight. For some reason I cant get this thing shave ready. While i love the razor and the weight of the razor, it is a heavy razor, I would rather someone get joy and use out of it. Includes original box. Very good condition with a couple stains on back side of the blade. 70obo

Manaslu 6/8" razor. Was restored with some staining and pitting still on the blade. Great Japanese razor and is shave ready. Perfect for someone wanting to experience the joy of shaving with a Japanese razor without breaking the bank. 40obo

Koken The Moor 4/8" Venetian steel. I bought this a long time ago to restore and use. I haven't gotten around to it. 25obo

Friodur 472 13/16" blade with scripted spine. Razor is in excellent shape. IS shave ready. This is such a nice razor and I'm probably going to regret selling it. 80obo

Our Own 7/8" razor. Blade looks to be in good condition. The tdark spot on the toe doesn't feel like it has affected the steel. Still feels just as hard as the rest of the steel. This razor has a slightly straight spine and because of that I cant get it honed since I'm still learning. Again I would rather see someone get joy and use out of it. 45obo

Kron Punkt 6/8" blade. Has a small chip in the edge and needs some light sanding to make it a gorgeous razor. I didn't notice the small chip when I bought it and I dont know how to hone razors like this yet. 40obo

C-MON Cadillac 6/8" blade. Beautiful razor I just cant get it honed and dont know why. 40obo

I'm still unsure if I am willing to let this one go yet but adding it here in case I do have to let it go.
C-MON Special 6/8" excellent condition. I will only sell it if I have to, so we will see how the other items do first. If I have to sell it then I will put a price.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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