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Stropping on cork


Alfred Spatchcock
Does it work?

I was looking at one of my metal rulers yesterday that has the cork backing. Just finished sharpening my pocket knife and gave it a couple of strokes on the cork. Not sure if it made any difference or not.

Just curious if anybody ever tried it on a razor.

Slash McCoy

I freehand dog rockets
Not that I know of. I think the draw would be a bit sluggish. I seriously doubt that it would work as good as a nice piece of cowhide. YMMV.
Coupla times but years back I tried a little 2x5 cork sandpapering block when experimenting with felt etc. Draw feels like oil tanned leather, sticky but not impossible to get a rhythm moving. I didn't notice any edge improvement... However, I will now experiment with a few razors and see if it makes a difference.

(Maybe it could be used as a "pull through" block for edge burrs if you're into that)
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