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Strop Updates and Availability

Tony Miller

I am still here and active in the shop. Being a one man (and wife) home workshop mail order business we are allowed to remain open and active here in Maryland. Luckily most of my suppliers are open and shipping so any of the materials I need to make my strops will remain available should my own supply run out (hide/hardware). Any new materials coming into my shop will come via mail order as my wife and I have been self isolating for safety since mid March. All new materials that come in get isolated for a week or more before use anyway as it is just part of my normal acclimation process for hides to stabilize here in my shop and relax (flatten) from any rolling for shipment or from previous supplier storage.

A few items however are nearing their end:

My "Slow Bridle" Plain Chocolate strops have one 2 piece left in stock as of today. I also only have 2 pieces of my 2 1/2" genuine Flax Linen left to use on any strops and when it is gone there is no foreseeable resupply as the narrower genuine flax linen is simply not available in any market right now, USA or otherwise. Plenty of 2 1/2" cotton though. I did just sell out of my Notovan Horsehide but more is on the way so should be restocking in about a week.

I do have a good supply of my 3" Genuine Flax Linen, and my Horween Veg Tanned Horsehide as well as my Premium Steerhide. Roughout is a bit more limited but I am working on hides now and do have more Horween Notovan Horsehide on the way.

As always I thank you for your continued support and hope everyone stays safe.
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