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strop question

Hey, ima newbie, we'll just get that out there first off!! I just bought a strop, I dont want to say from where, but, it was online,seemed to be a reputable, knowledgable company, and the first strop i got from them was beautiful, nice results. This strop, is a 3" wide, black latigo, and when i received it, its not smooth like the prior strop. It has some ripples in it, even when pulled tight, and you can definately feel them with your hand. One, is this normal for latigo, im guessin probably not? And two, instead of argueing with them and sending it back, big hassle, I could just flatten it with progressively finer grtis of sand paper, no? Then maybe treat it with some oil or dressing? Any feed back would be great! Thanks-
A photo would be most helpful.

It's difficult to tell if you're describing skin wrinkles which would be the result of using a poor choice of leather for a strop or if perhaps the strop just got warped up somehow which can be flattened and fixed to a degree. But you say ripples and you say it can't be flattened when pulled tight.... Likely it is a poor choice of leather based on what I am interpreting from your words.

But, a photo could help us help you best.
If it's a reputable vendor, I wouldn't expect an argument. Contact them, express your concerns, and ask about a refund if you feel it's necessary after talking to them. :001_smile
Contact the vendor. If he's reputable he will offer a replacement or refund. Don't try fixing it yourself and chance making it worse.
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I would not try to fix it. As noted above, you could make it worse and then not have a chance for a replacement or a refund. Leather can be tricky stuff. There is always some variation in natural products like hides, but real wrinkles should not be on a new strop. Yes, returning something is a bit of a hassle, but you deserve first rate goods and most vendors I have dealt with want happy customers.
Hey, thanks all for the help. They actually sent me a replacement leather, and I got to keep the "wrinkled" one, so, im going to see if I can work the wrinkles down with a pumice stone or some fine sandpaper, see if it can be salvaged. Thanks again for all the advice, MUCH appreciated! Frank-
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