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Strop pasting

Still new to this so bear with me please. I picked up a natural strop from SRD. It came with a little knob of paste. I see some people use it and others don't. My question is what are the advantages and disadvantages to pasting your strop. Also do you paste the leather or the webbing on the flip side? Thanks for all your help!
It depends on the paste. Is it green? Green is Chromium Oxide and is very abrasive and can give a razor a harshness that many don't like. It is not for daily use. Dovo white paste is very mildly abrasive and can be used daily. TI white paste is more abrasive than Dovo, but many still use it daily.
I'll confess that I haven't even unwrapped it so in not sure what it is. I still have a lot to learn to about all this kit.
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