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Strop on the way. Any tips or hints?

Ok, so I ordered a 2 1/2" Artisan Steerhide Strop-Premium Steerhide with Heavy Dee Ring Grips and Cotton with a Steerhide Practice Strop. These are my first strops. Are there any tips that I should know about? The do's and don'ts guideline, sorta.
Start slowly
Try to keep them dry

Roll them up and put them in a drawer (wrinkles and creasing are bad)
Soak them in dressing or oils
Get rushed and cut them (or yourself)

Sounds like you have a great setup, just take your time and practice, and don't move on to faster movement or the artisan until you're ready. In the end you know what you're capable of, and I'm sure you would hate to cut up that nice strop (I'm sure there are some here that would have sympathy pains too). Enjoy the awesome product!
Thanks. It was a kind of spur of the moment purchase. It was really the first strop I came across and was like, "I'll be having one of those". So I am a little worried about cutting my first Tony Miller but, I think that I'll be fine with my practice strop and the great advise from you fine gentlemen.
I'm sure you'll do fine. Everyone nicks their first strop anyways, don't over think it. Just I use stropping and shaving as my "me" time, a time to not worry about stuff. I find stropping very relaxing.
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