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Strop Availability

Tony Miller

I currently have some strops listed on my storefront. I should have small batches available each week and will list them at varying times (mornings, evenings, etc..) to give people on different schedules a chance to get them before each batch sells out.

Slow USPS shipping and limited materials from my suppliers has slowed things down a bit on my ability to make and post strops. I have Horween Horsehide, Veg Tanned and Notovan on the way but it could be a while till it arrives.

Right now I have both Steerhide and Horsehide Roughout Artisan strops available as well as a variety of "Plain" strops including a double Dee Ring, end for end reversible model well suited for beginners. My Synthetic Vegan strops are also available and I have plenty of 3" genuine Flax Linen as an option too.


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