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Strop Acquisition Thread

It looks like there is a new and unlikely strop maker on the scene. Sebum Gold is now offering Cordovan strops. While the styling and strop width is not to my taste, the material certainly is. Prices are not as outrageous as you would expect from these guys.
I picked up this 'Keen-Edge' today; not a straight user (yet) but saw it going cheaply. I've seen a Keen-Edge made by Eddy Manufacturing Co, Worcester, Mass so I guess that's where it came from (I'm in Australia) or it could be a local version. It's got some small chunks missing from the edge here and there (see photo) and TT 105 printed on the handle. I hope it will be OK to learn stropping on when my straight arrives.
@bernie01 that's not a bad looking vintage strop. If you got it for a good price (a few tens of dollars) it should be great for you to start on.

While you are waiting to find your first SR, rub some dubbin into the leather strop both sides. Let it soak into the leather overnight. In the morning use a clean polishing cloth to polish the stropping side. Keep on polishing until you can get off no more dubbin residue. Then do the same on the non-stropping side but you don't have to be as thorough.

There are other oils that you can use and I am sure that others will suggest them. I mentioned dubbin because it is easy to source, relatively inexpensive and works for me on my old strops.
Thanks rbscebu, I have already applied some Oakwood Leather Conditioner. I think I may have some dubbin so will try that also. I paid $20 for it.
If you have already applied leather conditioner, don't apply any dubbin. You might end up slowing the draw down if you put too much oil into the leather. How do I know? I did it once and learnt.

I assume that's AUD 20. That's about right for a good learning strop. You have done well.
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