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Strong enough to linger after smoking??

OK everybody....

I enjoy pipes and cigars and I do realize the risks involved..(I AM an adult).:wink:
MY question is this:

What fragrances are strong enough to hang around after a bowl or a stogie??

Thanks for all your recommendations.
Not to be a smarta$$, but I have found that all scents remain well after smoking; it's just that the smokers have an impacted sense of smell that prevents them from noticing them. I observe consistently, for example, that a very high percentage of smokers unconsciously seem to apply way too much cologne which they fail to notice.

I do agree though that the more pungent essential oils - patchouli, vetiver, bay and sandalwood, for example, seem to dominate any rival scents. These will probably be more noticeable to you.

Look for scents that contain these essential oils if they appeal to you.

ouch said:
If there is anything that's strong enough to mask the scent of S. Gawith's 1792, I don't want to know.:eek:

Ill never know cause I cant smoke an entire bowl of 1792:a11:

(do ya think 1792 is as strong as GLP Haddo's D??)


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rikrdo said:
Ill never know cause I cant smoke an entire bowl of 1792:a11:

(do ya think 1792 is as strong as GLP Haddo's D??)

I don't know of anyone who can. Haddo's is one of the few Pease blends that I consider to be a failure (and I know I'm in the minority), but at least it's palatable, something which I can't say about the 1792.

There are some hysterical reviews of 1792 on tobaccoreviews.com
Long time pipe smoker here. Some years back I was into aramis. That could cover up skunk. I keep some Old Spice in my car. If I'm out smoking, I splash a little on and it seems to do a good job for a bargain price.
Dunhill's Nightcap, the finest ever made. But it smells so good, I quite like the smell of it to hang around after smoking it, not to cover it up. Anyway I smoke it before bed as the name suggests, so it doesn't matter. But you can always pick colognes that go well with the lingering fragrance of a pipe- I usually like sandalwood, this seems to go well. Trumpers Spanish Leather also seems to fit in well- you just want to avoid smells that clash. I find my sense of smell improved by smoking- perhaps its just well trained from the olfactory pleasures of numerous fine tobaccos.
Good to hear that so many here are devotees of the pipe.
I use Issey Miyake EDT (L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme) and it stands up all day. I smoke a pipe as well and use a nice aromatic blend from a local pipe shop. My wife absolutely hates the English mixtures and I insist on them once in awhile. Have to admit though, the aromatic I get (vanilla base, with some cavendish and virginia) is preferable for everyday.

BTW, I ALWAYS get compliments on this cologne.
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