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Strange razor #5

Yeah, I know strange razor #4 was just yesterday, and I promised to look for more normal razors, but this one I ordered before I received my first strange razor. It just took the Orient Express from Turkey to get here.

Like the Leresche Prototype, this one actually does have a name and is known to many. This is the Emir Dual Comb. If you think you seen it before, it was the basis of the Shavecraft 102. One side is a regular open comb, and the other side is a safety bar with teeth facing upwards, not unlike a Barbasol or that beast Leresche. First shave tonight, and hopefully it will be a smoother shave.





THIS is definitely the end of strange razors for now. All I got coming my way for a while is a Swing and a Bamboo/Bergamot shave soap.
First shave with the Emir last night and it was an interesting experience. The dual comb gave the razor two different personalities, not unlike the vintage Lutz slant with differential sides. The Lutz is truly a Jekyll/Hyde razor with the aggressive side being slightly milder than a buzz saw and the mild side being closer to a Merkur 34. The Emir was not as extreme, but noticeably different shaves on each side. The surprising part was that the side with the safety bar and upward facing teeth was the more aggressive side.

I started off WTG using the OC side thinking it would be the more aggressive side, and actually found the shave quite comfortable but left quite a bit of stubble afterwards. ATG was with the SB side and that was when I realized that maybe I should have started with this side instead. This pass was rougher and had significant blade feel. It did clear most of the remaining stubble, but not as comfortably. XTG I switched between sides to find which was best for that task and found that the SB side was more suited for clean up work.

I will attempt another shave tonight, this time starting with the SB side and see how it goes. Like the Leresche, the Emir looks like it would need more practice on my part.
Really really cool, thank you for the review. This razor is from Turkey?
The seller was in Turkey. The Emir is a German razor manufactured a long time ago and most folks today see mostly their miniature female razors on eBay.
Emir was made by Karl Engels in Solingen, wel known for his straights. Made more interesting DE's.
Nice pics, thanks for the writeup. Interesting that the "closed comb" side is the more agressive one. Fits with the Kabrand however, that has the same kind of toothing and is beyond agressive.
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