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FS Straights, strop and a brush

I was a straight razor shaver for some time, but have in the past six months barely touched these. It's time to give them a new home so they're doing more than collecting dust. Only shipping CONUS. Feel free to reach out with questions.

Grelot Le Hopital“Sun King” straight razor: Has the bell symbol on the tang showing that is an original Grelot using French steel. This was my favorite - nice, smooth shaver in great condition. I’m a little hesitant to sell it, but again I haven’t actually used it for half a year now. $120 shipped.

Radiumite straight razor: Not quite as nice as the Sun King, but then again what is? This would make a great starter for someone just getting into straight shaving. Probably needs a honing. $40 shipped.

Grelot is the top razor in the photo:


Kanayama 15000 leather strop with linen belt: I bought this used as a starter strop and it came with some scratch marks as you can see, but they are non-feelable. The strop works fine. $60 shipped.


Badger/boar brush in an black aluminum Charcoal Goods handle: $30 shipped.

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