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FS Straight, WSP aftershave and watch bands

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A vintage Grelot Hopital straight razor that I re-scaled. This shaves well but probably could use a little bit of a honing - still shaves very smooth but not as sharp as it could be. I've been getting DFS shaves with it, stropping it on diamond-paste balsa and leather strops. $60 shipped CONUS.

WSP Cedarwood aftershave splash. 100% full. The scent is good - sort of spicy/woody - but just not my type and I've got a ton of other splashes to go through. $24 shipped CONUS.

Take both the razor and the splash for $75 shipped CONUS.

A Popov black leather 20mm watchband plus NATO gray/white stripe 20mm. The Popov is a few months old and still in great shape - I just moved to a watch that needs a 22mm strap. $30 shipped CONUS.

The NATO iirc hasn't been used at all. It's more of a steel gray - it looks darker than it is in the photo. Looking for $20 shipped CONUS.

Wiil do $40 combined for both watch straps.

Thank you!



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You might want to give more information and photos for the straight. I doubt anyone will take an interest in it without seeing the blade.
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