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Straight vs. DE

Hey everyone,

I've been shaving with my straight now for a while and REALLY love it. There are the occasional times though when I have a very early morning brief and, since I'm still learning/slow(er) with the straight I decided to buy a Merkur 180 DE.

I get a DFS with the Merkur but its no where near as close as with my straight. I've been doing a normal 3 pass shave with each, and using blue labs in the DE.

Any tips on how to get a better shave with the DE? Should I be stretching like with the straight? Stretching more/less?

The tighter you can get your skin the less it will flex under the blade, so you will get a closer shave.
I think its reasonable to get a closer shave with your DE, but once you have had some really good straight shaves theres really nothing that will compare or be as close. Welcome to the dark side
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