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Straight Shave in your city?

OK, had my first "barbershop" straight shave. Overall, with nothing to compare too, I would say it was a positive experience. I had my shave at the 5th Avenue Barbershop. The guy did good work, seemed to have all the steps down (lather, warm towels, more lather etc). He used a disposable shavette type of straight, which I think either is or will have to become the norm due to disease and such (although the low end feather can be autoclaved). The biggest complaint I would have is the lather he used was lowend. I think it may have been a foam/can type of setup, my face was so dry:mad3:

He asked me for some websites, he wants to get some brushes and some of the 3 Ts stuff so I directed him to classicshaving.

Anyway, out of 10, would give him a 6-7. Bit of razor burn on my upper lip and low end cream/aftershave. He was well educated in the art of shaving and keen to do it and really took his time. Overall shave was very good. I can not say I recommend it until I know that he has obtained some better creams/balms.

I am looking forward to visiting my in-laws this September; they are 2 hours out of Las Vegas and I will go into Vegas and get a straight shave from the experts there!

Where have you obtained a straight/barbershop shave?

Hi Darren,

I was happy to read your post; I had assumed that there was no straight-razor shave to be had in this town. Could you mention how much he charged? If it's reasonable, I might have to get one.

Charge was $30. The only complaint I had was the quality of the creams and such. It appeared to be an alcohol based "foamy" type of thing. Left me very dry. Otherwise was good. With the prices charged in Vegas, $35 at The Art of Shaving at the Mandalay Bay, his $30 with poor creams was a bit high. It was nice to treat myself though :biggrin:
I had a barber shop shave with a disposable shavette while in business in Phjoenix last spring--and posted about it months back somewhere.

My experience mirrored yours--very enjoyable, but not a great shave or great products, which diminished the results.

Bottom line--you can give yourself a far better shave than you can get from a "pro" in most cases, but its nice to be pampered!
Never had one myself, but have heard the Mandalay bay has an Art of Shaving and the shops at Ceasars (?) has a TF place.

Hope that this helps.

Portland, Oregon has two shops offering straight razor shaves. You can find them at: Hair M. Also, I have found another site in Tigard (just south of Portland) Vital Barbershop.

I haven't tried either yet, but am itching to go to Hair M. It's the type of place to site back with a cocktail, a cigar, and have a great shave. It's received many good reviews in the local newspapers.

I have a few Places I can get a straight shave, the closest is F Flittner in Moorgate, 5 mins from my office. A little furthur away I have Trumpers, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Truefitt & Hill.

I used to go to a fantastic barbers in Cornhill called Jeffrey's, unfortunately it's now a Gucci shop. This was where I bought my first Murkur razor.

Living and working in London has it's advantages!
I found a small turkish barber that does them. I'd like to try it sometime since it's not even expensive (around 7 euro's....so that'd be around 10 dollars or so)

So if you're around Oss in th Netherlands....
The last time I had a barbershop shave was 2 years ago, and I didn't even enjoy it so much. LX, I can give myself a great Turkish shave with my Arko soap and my straight razor. :wink:

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