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Straight razors worth keeping or should I throw them

hi gentlemen. I have a little bit of knowledge about vintage double edge razors, but totally ignorant to straight razors.
I have these two razors with no use. Just want to know whether these have any dollar value or are these collectible items or just garbage. IMG_20210329_202636.jpg IMG_20210329_202430.jpg IMG_20210329_202507.jpg IMG_20210329_202636.jpg IMG_20210329_202600.jpg IMG_20210329_202430.jpg IMG_20210329_202522.jpg IMG_20210329_202507.jpg IMG_20210329_202459.jpg
Why throw them out? Not great for the environment. I am sure someone here will PM you that they want them. Folks on this forum love to restore old razors.
I am glad that they are restorable. To me, it seems that their edge can not be rehoned due to rust and breakage.
Thanks. I will keep them or try to restore locally.
I think one of them looks salvageable to shave-ready condition, as best I can tell from a photo. Not so sure about the other one.

The key is how much pitting there is near the edge. Shallow rust will rub off but extensive pitting at the edge and near the edge might make it impossible to hone the razor.

Pitting and rust elsewhere on the blade is cosmetic damage. It can at least be polished up. If it's just shallow rust the blade will look good as new.
The Worcester in particular is worth saving. Make a new pair of scales for it, hone it, and you are good to go. When you unpin the old scales, use the unbroken one for a template. Cut just a little outside the lines. Acrylic is easy to work with. You can buy camel bone or horn blanks online, and pinning kits. Rescaling is a fine DIY job. Tape your edge. APply a couple layers of electrical tape to protect the edge and it will be easier to hone when you are finished.
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