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Straight Razors Stolen

Greetings Gentlemen,

Today is a sad day! Last week I shipped four razors to a friend for re-honing. He called today wondering when I was going to send them. UPS said they left it at the door yesterday. They are currently verifying it wasn't left at the wrong house. If it was, I would think the individual would've contacted my friend by now. They were insured, but I would take the razors any day over money.

If you see them listed on eBay or are offered to buy them, please contact me at [email protected]. Here's what was taken:

Custom Ebony & Alabaster 7/8 Fredrick Reynolds Wedge made by Robert Williams


13/16 Dubl Duck Wonderedge

6/8 Dorko 1151

8/8 Dorko Marbled
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Coche_y_bondhu said:
We will keep an eye out for the razors on eBay for you, as well as the sale and trade forums.

Plano TX
guenron said:
Absolutely heartbreaking..:sad: There must be some recourse?
They are all properly insured. But since all are nice large razors, three of which were NOS and one a custom - only one of it's kind, I would much rather have the razors back than money. UPS's policy is to try to find it in ten days after which they'll settle the claim.

All four were part of my personal rotation so it's irritating.
Today I got a call and the razors have been found! Yippee! :badger: The UPS guy left them by a side entrance that hasn't been used in years. They were covered with snow from a small snow storm Monday night. Lesson learned is in the future, make the UPS guy take the time to actually hand deliver them!

Many thanks to all of you for your kind words and keeping an eye out for them on eBay.

I love a happy ending! :biggrin:
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