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GIVEAWAY! Straight Razor Starter's Kit (postage only) - Shave-Ready


Girls call me Makaluod
Note: Excluding members resident in USA, Canada, Slovakia, Brazil and Australia unless there are no valid entries by 2359 UTC Friday 03 February 2023. Then this PIF is open worldwide.

With the kind benevolence of @Chard52142, I am able to offer a Titan ACRM-60 straight razor (SR) stater's kit. The kit consists of:
  • 1 x Titan ACRM-2 T.H.60 (model 251) 6/8 (21mm) new straight razor. This SR has been honed by myself to shave-ready and comes NIB with a fine PU leather zippered case.
  • 1 x 60mm wide denim and kid-leather razor hanging strop with brass plated steel hardware.
  • 1 x 4g of rare-earth cerium stropping wax in plastic container.
  • Instructions (via email) on how to shave with and maintain this SR.


Conditions Of Entry:
  1. You must have been a current member of B&B as at 2359 UTC Thursday 26 January 2023.​
  2. You must not have owned or shaved with a traditional straight razor before entering this PIF. I will take your word on this.​
  3. You are prepared and willing to pay postage cost (listed below) within 48 hours if you win this PIF.​
  4. You will be responsible for the legality of importing a traditional SR into your country and paying all associated duties,taxes and fees levied in your country.​
  5. If you ever find that you have no further use for this gear, you will PIF it to another worthy member of B&B.​
How To Entre:
  • Reply to this thread with "I'm in" plus, your country of residence and, in 50 to 100 words, tell us why you want to experience traditional SR shaving.
Entries close 2359 UTC Friday 10 February 2023. Winner will be selected by my very intelligent dog, Levy. Levy is very conversant in all things SR related having spent hundreds of hours intensely watching me SR shave and working on my SRs. The winner will be announced ion this thread and notified via B&B PM. The winner will then have 48 hours to pay the postage via PayPal (G&S only), otherwise a new winner will be selected.

Postage Cost (including tracking where available):
Australia = US$7.50 (1 to 2 weeks)​
New Zealand = US$14.50 (2 to 3 weeks)​
Asia/Pacific = US$14.50 (3 to 5 weeks)​
US & Canada = US$21.00 (2 to 3 weeks)​
UK, Europe & Brazil = US$24.50 (3 to 5 weeks)​
Rest of world = US$29.50 (2 to 5 weeks)​
You can also buy this kit new on AliExpress for about US$20 including (slow) delivery. The SR will not be shave-ready and the strop will be of denim only.
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Girls call me Makaluod
If you go the AliExpress route, you should be able to get their factory honed SR to be truly shave-ready for about UD$40 to US$60 including postage.


Girls call me Makaluod
Have now finished honing this SR.


Here is the technical stuff:

Country of manufacture = Taiwan
Manufacturer = Guangzhou Suijia Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd.
Blade material = carbon steel with some added chromium (not stainless steel)
Blade size = 20mm (6/8)
Point style = Dutch (round)
Grind = half hollow
Edge length = 68mm
Blade thickness = 0.36mm at top of bevel
Bevel angle = 17.6°
Stabilisers = none
Jimps = underside of shank only
Scales material = plastic
Spacer = parallel integral with scales
Pivot pin = brass
Spacer pin = nickel alloy
Length overall (closed) = 158mm
Length overall (open) = 244mm
Balance point = 9mm from pivot pin towards blade (opened 180°)
Mass = 65g
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Damn I’d love this one. But I’m in Brazil, so I’ll wait for the deadline. Then, if possible, I’m in.


A lot of reasons.

I’m reading a lot about the maintenance aspect and that’s a learning curve. And I love learning a new task. How visible the edge is while shaving, having total control over it, it’s got to be awesome.

I don’t like how shavettes shave and although I have never used or owned a straight, I’m pretty sure it’s not the same experience.

And every time I read one of your posts about your fear of “safety” razors I open eBay and search for a straight. I always leave with nothing because there are a lot of variables I’m not familiar with, so I don’t want to risk a bad purchase.

I’m reading your instructions, one day I’ll get there.
Im in. USA. Presently on a Navy deployment aboard USS NIMITZ, so its an FPO/AP address.

I've enjoyed wet shaving with a DE for ten years now, but have never taken the leap to try a shave with a straight razor. A good friend of mine swears by them and I think that its about time that I dive headlong into the adventure. My wife got me a new brush for Christmas, maybe a new razor would complete the set.
@rbscebu another fine pif from you sir, you sure do you part to entice into the SR world. Respectfully not in as I have committed to a GRUYERE, but surely do read about SR and keep this idea on the back burner ... there is always next year.


Girls call me Makaluod
After a diamond pasted balsa strop progression yesterday evening, this morning I gave is SR its shave test. First the blade got about 40 laps on clean leather.


The resultant shaves was absolutely perfect. This edge is up there with the best of my Bengall SRs, and that's saying something.

I am now feeling a little reluctant to PIF this razor but I am a gentleman of my word and committed.

Fortunately I have a couple more Titan ACRM-2 T.H.60 SRs winging their way to me now. They have my preferred timber scales and will join my other 3. That will give me two new SRs to hone up. No, they will not be PIFed!

This SR has now been maintained on a 0.1μm hanging balsa strop, ren waxed and put away with the other gear ready for shipping.

All is good.
If you are concerned about getting a deadly disease from this SR after my shave test, you shouldn't be. I autoclave my face before and after each shave 😊.

If still concerned, you can disinfect the blade yourself.
That will be no protection against SRAD. The highly contagious, superbug, strain of RAD.

Tread carefully folks. There is no known cure or vaccine for SRAD. It often starts with a second hand razor from an infected person. The bug can lay dormant for hundreds of years on carbon steel only to be activated by soap and water. Transmission is through skin contact on the face.

Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.
Being from the US, I'll put my name in if this makes it past the Feb 3rd cutoff. I'm an enjoy the process guy. Cooking, yard work, spoon carving, car stuff, DE shaving, etc. This is another process specific process that I am interested in.
Have a knife-obsessed colleague who would love this set. In the kitchen where I work, he has the sharpest blades and I’ve piqued his interest in hobbyist shaving, I think this would be a great introduction. So I’m in, on his behalf. Thanks for all your effort to make this blade shave-ready, for whoever is lucky to receive it.
Thank you @rbscebu for providing this generous opportunity :001_wub:

I'm in from Bulgaria.
Why - I have nice memories related to SRs. As a child, during the summers in my native village, I watched how my grand-grandfather shaved each week end with his straight razor. This was his only shave for the week as during the week they (my grand-grandfather and grand-grandmother) got up early in the morning, before the sunrise, and start taking care of the hens, sheep and pigs, then they go to their gardens around the village or work around the house until the very late. He simply didn't have time for a shave during the work week, it was only for the weekends or the holidays.
Sometimes, when in a hurry, he even shaved without a mirror, just by feeling.

For these memories and in respect of his hard work his whole life and because these are the only memories I have about him, I've always wanted to learn how to shave with a straight razor. This is in my backlog of the things to do during the lifetime.


Girls call me Makaluod
Sorry gentlemen but @stivek entry eliminates all entries before him. This PIF is now only open to those residing in none excluded countries.

This PIF will close at 2359UTC Friday 03 February 2023.
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