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Straight Razor Starter Kit: 2 razors, leather strop and balsa treated strop

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I have been thoroughly enjoying shaving with a straight razor and have come a long way in a short amount of time. Back at the beginning of the year I started with a Poor Man's Strop Kit from Whipped Dog ($25) and a few various straight razors that were shave ready. I have since bought a few full-sized strops, several razors and hones. I would like to pass along the opportunity to somebody else interested in trying straight razors with the following kit:

Here is a nice old straight razor for which I have found very little information. It appears to be German or possibly French in origin, but there is no indication on the razor or non-original VOOGD box. The blade is 1/2 hollow ground with a French point. There is some light patina and pitting, though no pitting on the bevel so it cuts very well. The scales are natural, either bone or ivory, and are in great condition except for one small chip shown in the closeup picture. I have honed this razor through a synthetic progression and then finished it on a vintage Thuringian hone. The edge is smooth and keen, though not scary sharp as I don't care for ridiculously keen edges, preferring those coming off a coticule or Thuringian hone. The box is not original to this razor, but is the appropriate brand and the razor fits perfectly.

The Poor Man's Strop Kit includes a leather strop which is easily attached to a towel rack and will keep the razor sharp for many uses. When the blade starts to tug a little the balsa wood is treated on one side with Chromium Oxide which will bring the edge back in a few strokes. For a keener edge the red side is Iron Oxide which if used after the Chromium Oxide will give an even sharper finish. I hone my razors with one layer of tape so you will need to add one layer of electrical tape whenever you use the balsa strop to sharpen. Tape is not necessary when stropping daily on leather.

If you bought a sight unseen razor and strop kit from Larry it would run about $70. Here you get an upgraded razor with box for $65 shipped to US addresses. If you buy without me having to lower the price I will include a second shave ready razor from my collection so that you have two razors to start with. Two razors, leather strop and treated balsa strop, $65 shipped, PM me.

Spoiler Alert! This is the additional razor that will be included with the kit, shaves close and comfortable!
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