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Straight Razor for Legs?

I assume this will apply mostly to the female members, but any replies are appreciated. What SR do you use for your legs?

Researching for a friend. (For once on the Internet, the 'asking for a friend' is true.)


I have done it before for my fiance (I know a bit odd but she was curious). She preferred near wedge razors.
None of my girlfriends will let me near them with a straight razor, let alone shave them. DE razor yes, but not an SR.
Converted the girls in my family all to DE. GF swapped to DE as well, single edge can work but for legs I don't think worth the extra effort. I do believe there was a girl on YouTube that does it though so O would try that
Little experience myself, but supposedly wedges and near wedges have a higher degree of forgiveness than hollows, full hollows, etc, at least on faces, so I assume it'd apply to legs as well. Obviously a nice rounded dutch point as well would help
I don't think I would even consider a regular straight as most women shave their legs in the shower or bath.
A stainless straight maybe but a stainless shavette with disposable 1/2 blades is easy to use and maintain.


I shave my wife's legs about once a month. She prefers an 8/8 full hollow with a good singing voice. She loves the sound.
When she shaves them herself she uses a Merkur 37C.
One of my daughters tried one of my straight once and then ask to have her own. I let her chose the one she wanted and she picked from my pile of projects a Solingen 11/16 model whose brand I don't remember.
I gave her a strop too.
I assume the blade will be back from time to time for edge maintenance.
Any extra hollow I'd imagine, given as you'll be shaving much finer hair than facial whiskers. I'd probably go with a shorty, too, since legs are a rounded surface and therefore extra blade length would be redundant. Dutch
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