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Straight razor conclave....again!

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Talk has been muttered for years about a straight razor conclave. Nothing has ever materialized. I am thinking of renting an American Legion Hall here in Tampa, FL for an informal get-together for...well, straight razor stuff, around February 2006. If you are interested, please copy the following and email it to: [email protected]

Contact phone number:
What day(s) would be better, a weekday or weekend?
How many days should it be?
Additonal comments or suggestions:

Feel free to cross-post this on any other websites or forums you feel would generate interest. This is NOT specific to any one group, all straight razor aficianoados are welcome to attend. If anyone would like to help me plan, set up, arrange manufacturers, retailers, etc, please let me know. I want to see how many people would be interested.

Laz in Tampa
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