Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by wilbr11, Aug 20, 2014.

    Thats a beauty Sir! Love me some eagle razors.
  1. Yeah I'm a fan for sure. It's got some serious heft compared to what I'm used to.
  2. UHH 3 days of growth? Soldier, you should be shaving every day :)
  3. Had a family situation and three days of compassionate including a flight with only carry on meant no straights for me for three days. ;)
  4. Well, if you decide that the weight is not to your liking, just let me know. I'm sure we can work something out to get you in a more hollow model.....
  5. Hahaha, I somehow doubt it. I think I've found my my new Monday morning razor. This thing eats through a couple of days worth of stubble like it's not even there.
    Besides, my other favourite razor is a W&B 7/8 full hollow. ;)
  6. Aaaaand the second razor that came as a part of that trade, a 6/8 Le Grelot with rams horn scales, also by Heespharm.
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  7. Beautiful and the scales are stunning!
  8. Yeah, Heespharm really knows his way around a razor.
  9. Looking good :)
  10. The Brandoniso & Bro's are setting the bar high with their UNO S.R. A 7/8 barber's notch half hollow grind. A classic design that delivers a fantastic shaving experience.

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  11. Classy!
  12. Here's a little beauty that I found today at a local antique shop for 15 bucks. Pics are before cleanup. :thumbup1:
    $IMAG0750.jpg $IMAG0751.jpg
  13. $3Cdk7An.jpg $sDx34X5.jpg

    Just bought a Fili #12 JMP. Not sure how long i'll keep this around though as I have a couple #14's already.
  14. Legion

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    Nothing too exotic, but I found a Bengall and a Gotta in the wild. They had some more expensive, fancier razors, but I took these home as I reckon these brands are two of the best shavers you can get.

  15. I totally regret selling my 8/8 Gotta....
  16. Both around 9/16 (by eyeball): A tornblom faux frame back in ivory in need of a little TLC and a wostenholm ixl wedge in the ugliest scales ever, in need of a complete overhaul

    Also recently got a 6/8 Wade and butcher wedge with barber notch, an ern crown and sword with unfortunately warped scales, and another but I can't remember what it is off the top of my head

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  17. $P9270369.jpg $P9270370.jpg $P9270371.jpg
  18. [​IMG]

    The listing said NOS, although for obvious reasons I have my doubts about that. Still, I'm excited to hone and shave with it. This will probably be the last shaving purchase I make for a long time other than the occasional trade.

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