Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by wilbr11, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Didn't come cheap but I hunted for a Chevalier for a long while. Its in perfect shape, I doubt the previous owner ever even honed it! :-D

    The finishing on that Wacker is perfect. I'm amazed at how nice the horn is as well. Can't wait to try it out.
  2. That is STUNNING!
  3. That Wacker is a thing of beauty!

    ...wait, that didn't sound right.
  4. That is a beautiful razor pmmaster!
  5. Thanks guys, I agree, I can't stop looking at it! :)
  6. I won this auction for a 1 1/16 Manhattan Cutlery co. Sheffield. Blade is etched "The Celebrated" hollow ground razor
    just disinfected and honed it up now time to go shave!!!!!!

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  7. Everytime I see your name pop up, I just know its gonna be an amazing HUGE razor. Awesome grab Sir!
  8. Haha, thanks. Yeah most of what I like are the bigger blades. They usually are well "worn or aged". I actually do pick up a lot of smaller razors at antique stores and flea/farmer markets. I resell those so I can fund the bigger more expensive blades. I sold 3 smaller shave ready razors and with the profits I got this one.
    Its too bad I tell myself I can make money off of the big ones if I resell them. Unfortunately I don't resell the bigger ones like I plan to.
    Its an addiction.
  9. Thats my problem, I buy them with the intention of selling them, then they magically stay around the shave cave... I bought a 7-day set, and sold all of my others. Now I'm back up to a 12 razor case plus a couple. It never ends. Sadly, it also doesn't involve any beauties like the ones I've seen you post. Great collection Sir!
  10. I'm currently waiting on a Benz to arrive.

  11. That is some beautiful spine work.
  12. Custom Koraat 8/8” near wedge with Snakewood scales


    Custom Koraat 7/8” 1/4 hollow with bog oak scales

  13. Hi Ron, which grind do you prefer?
  14. Another stray found its' way to my door step. A 13/16" Manhattan in need of a little TLC.
  15. My thanks to Noah for this Taylor Eyewitness 6/8.
    my first Sheffield steel.

    Plus, I just picked this one up locally
    for 20 bucks.
  16. I like them both a lot, no preference really, have another one on the way, a half hollow Damasceen.
  17. Very nice, worth the wait as somehow this razors are such fantastic shavers. Really, I have tried a lot of straights but the ones I have from Ulrik are by far my favorites. I think it has something to do with the metal he uses and him doing the final tempering of the steel. Hope you receive it shortly! I'm awaiting one from him in Damasceen steel :)
  18. 7/8 Wade and Butcher American Razor wedge with smile and eagle etching and mokume gane scales by HeesPharm that I got in a recent trade.
    I'd been avoiding wedges for a while, as I was unsure as to how I'd feel about them compared to my full hollows. This morning it effortlessly ploughed through three days of growth, leaving me with a DFS after two passes.

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