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Straight Razor Acquisition Thread


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I LOVE original black scales on W&Bs
Yeah, even when they are wrecked, I tend to do a 1:1 copy of the originals. I never got how someone can put an old butcher in something like kirinite or psychedelic stabilized wood but everyone has different tastes.
You both have it right..... Wade & Butchers do look sexy in horn if its black or honey well come to think of it any Sheffield razors

20180121_154254.jpg 20180121_154333.jpg
Arriving tomorrow, another Torrey this is the sellers photo so I really don't know the actual condition my plan as of right now is some stabilized Wenge scales with either an Ali spacer/wedge or Bubinga who knows maybe Wenge! the scales will be traditional in shape for this one provided the blade is in good enough condition to restore! Only gave 17 and change so we shall see! $_57.jpeg


It feels like the scale material but not slick. I feel like it will have a good grip during the shave.
I feel like it will have a good grip during the shave. Famous last words:117:. I've got a collection of Solingen luxury straight razors from the last quarter of the 1800's. Most of them have covered tangs. In my experience the grip isn't quite as good as with a non covered tang, but it's good enough. Besides the looks of the beautiful tang by far outweighs any disadvantages.
Congratulations to a very beautiful razor.:001_smile