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Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by wilbr11, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Lol so you got the other eh? I was hoping it was still going to be around in a few more weeks.
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  3. Yes I got the first one and was surprised the 2 nd one took so long to sell!
  4. Haha I’m trying to take part in the August sabbatical or else I would have pulled the trigger sooner.
  5. Arriving tomorrow, another Torrey this is the sellers photo so I really don't know the actual condition my plan as of right now is some stabilized Wenge scales with either an Ali spacer/wedge or Bubinga who knows maybe Wenge! the scales will be traditional in shape for this one provided the blade is in good enough condition to restore! Only gave 17 and change so we shall see! $_57.jpeg
  6. Manaslu 505 came this morning.

    E2D9B298-5050-4659-922D-8E882E1B9C26.jpeg 942221F8-349C-422E-B999-3E6812955BB9.jpeg
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  9. Thanks guys! Very happy with this one. Already put it to the stones!
  10. Thanks guys!

    This one had a sleepover at the post office because I wasn’t home to sign for it.

    A24D440D-21E2-476B-BCFC-DB097832B202.jpeg 238E66AF-DE2B-4C31-9080-1EF8C1A3CA7A.jpeg
  11. Thanks my first covered tang.

  12. I have seen a few covered Tang razors I love. Does the material on the Tang have good grip like a standard Tang.
  13. It feels like the scale material but not slick. I feel like it will have a good grip during the shave.
  14. Nice. Can't wait to get back to work so I can get more razors.
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    I feel like it will have a good grip during the shave. Famous last words:117:. I've got a collection of Solingen luxury straight razors from the last quarter of the 1800's. Most of them have covered tangs. In my experience the grip isn't quite as good as with a non covered tang, but it's good enough. Besides the looks of the beautiful tang by far outweighs any disadvantages.
    Congratulations to a very beautiful razor.:001_smile
  16. Thanks you. I’ll be sure to hold on tight when I take it for a spin lol.

    Agreed I do love the black and silver.

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