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Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by wilbr11, Aug 20, 2014.

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    $5 that's indeed a bargain. I paid more than ten times more for my specimen of the same razor.
  2. Two new ones, a Soderen frameback and a devine dual edge straight/safety straight. Devine has rot issues but I may be able to get it going depending on how deep-rooted it is. 20190805_133648.jpg 20190805_134121.jpg 20190805_134131.jpg 20190805_134137.jpg 20190805_134159.jpg
  3. C80DEFEC-51B1-4FFA-99CB-D02DA3458867.jpeg This Robeson ShurEdge will need some love. Good thing it will fit my face...
  4. I love those.. Top 10 American straight razor imo
  5. 16C250 fits this guy (from robesonsrme dot com)
    Not sure my beard will be wiry enough, but “exposed to the weather” is right. And I have been known to wear the modern equivalent of that stylish chapeau.

    I didn’t get the rust-proof woolen bag...
  6. I’m not worthy.
  7. Got these two razors within the last week. Both are about 6/8.
    One is Swedish made JA Hellberg and the other is a Japanese made NOS Yasuhira Hinode.

    3A1D6231-BD32-4490-84D6-849039504762.jpeg 318CF000-A240-408A-8A55-B2A8CC773818.jpeg 9421DCE2-1AEC-4EBA-875D-60D4E80BA5E2.jpeg C9B34E9A-A990-4A8C-8598-611B3C33F0F6.jpeg 68086FBE-8768-4390-873B-CFD8ECD2871D.jpeg
  8. Beautiful stuff! That Hinode looks familiar:p @SammieM
  9. Hahaha. Funny man. Hope I don’t screw it up trying to hone it..
  10. I've not seen a Hinode razor prior to this one -- love the finger depression atop the tang and quarter hollow grind. :001_302:
  11. I didn’t know much about this razor. I like heavier grinds. A friend of mine got one and was happy with it, so I couldn’t resist...
  12. I picked up my first 1/4-hollow Japanese blade this spring and the extra heft plus lack of audible feedback makes for a fun change of pace from the 1/2-hollows I had gotten so familiar with.
  13. Sorry, all the vintage razors I've encountered lately look like overpriced junk. Sooo ... I bought a brand new one instead:
    First Gold Dollar 'Classic Quality' I've seen. I've got a couple of other Gold Dollars & with some fiddling, they shave well.
    Now This One they finally got right: no heel to hone around. It truly is shave ready - a first for me. A couple dozen strokes on canvas then leather & it passes the hair drop test. For $23 I'm impressed.

    Scales are supposed to be ebony, so I'll buff them up to a better sheen.
    Gold Dollar 1a.jpg
  14. Fbu. 8/8+ 1/32". Uncommon profile. For once I don't need to pay for new scales on a big sheffield...
    20190808_155655.jpg 20190808_155712.jpg 20190808_155737.jpg
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    74F59B07-0749-4306-8986-C49D5899AB77.jpeg D182303D-AE8D-4F51-9556-8BCAD4C7F8E0.jpeg My new MK31.
  16. Yeah, even when they are wrecked, I tend to do a 1:1 copy of the originals. I never got how someone can put an old butcher in something like kirinite or psychedelic stabilized wood but everyone has different tastes.
  17. Ice-Man

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    You both have it right..... Wade & Butchers do look sexy in horn if its black or honey well come to think of it any Sheffield razors

    20180121_154254.jpg 20180121_154333.jpg
  18. Boker King Cutter.jpg Just arrived in todays' mail. Fresh from the wrapper & not even stropped yet:

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