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Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

In my opinion that are two very fine specimen of two of the very best Swedish razors ever made.
Thanks Arne, a find like this is what fuels my SRAD. The adrenaline rush when I saw it in the display case with a $5 sticker on it makes the hunt worth while. :001_smile

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.

I think a razor like this one just about ruins This Drool Thread, but maybe it can be rehabilitated. It's a Kinfolks which is why I took a chance on it; $3 + shipping = either a bargain or junk. I bet $6.74 on bargain, but it could go either way.

The still ugly razor was shave tested today, linked. Yesterday's work on it seems to be paying off. I had my doubts but seeing and feeling the steel on the hone made me a believer.

It doesn't shave ugly.

Happy shaves,



Thanks Arne, a find like this is what fuels my SRAD. The adrenaline rush when I saw it in the display case with a $5 sticker on it makes the hunt worth while. :001_smile
$5 that's indeed a bargain. I paid more than ten times more for my specimen of the same razor.
Two new ones, a Soderen frameback and a devine dual edge straight/safety straight. Devine has rot issues but I may be able to get it going depending on how deep-rooted it is. 20190805_133648.jpg 20190805_134121.jpg 20190805_134131.jpg 20190805_134137.jpg 20190805_134159.jpg
16C250 fits this guy (from robesonsrme dot com)
Not sure my beard will be wiry enough, but “exposed to the weather” is right. And I have been known to wear the modern equivalent of that stylish chapeau.

I didn’t get the rust-proof woolen bag...
Got these two razors within the last week. Both are about 6/8.
One is Swedish made JA Hellberg and the other is a Japanese made NOS Yasuhira Hinode.

3A1D6231-BD32-4490-84D6-849039504762.jpeg 318CF000-A240-408A-8A55-B2A8CC773818.jpeg 9421DCE2-1AEC-4EBA-875D-60D4E80BA5E2.jpeg C9B34E9A-A990-4A8C-8598-611B3C33F0F6.jpeg 68086FBE-8768-4390-873B-CFD8ECD2871D.jpeg
I didn’t know much about this razor. I like heavier grinds. A friend of mine got one and was happy with it, so I couldn’t resist...
I picked up my first 1/4-hollow Japanese blade this spring and the extra heft plus lack of audible feedback makes for a fun change of pace from the 1/2-hollows I had gotten so familiar with.
Sorry, all the vintage razors I've encountered lately look like overpriced junk. Sooo ... I bought a brand new one instead:
First Gold Dollar 'Classic Quality' I've seen. I've got a couple of other Gold Dollars & with some fiddling, they shave well.
Now This One they finally got right: no heel to hone around. It truly is shave ready - a first for me. A couple dozen strokes on canvas then leather & it passes the hair drop test. For $23 I'm impressed.

Scales are supposed to be ebony, so I'll buff them up to a better sheen.
Gold Dollar 1a.jpg
Yeah, even when they are wrecked, I tend to do a 1:1 copy of the originals. I never got how someone can put an old butcher in something like kirinite or psychedelic stabilized wood but everyone has different tastes.