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Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

Here's another I picked up today. I don't know much about Imperial Razor but I thought the engraving was pretty cool.
That’s pretty awesome, nice score! Imperial produced some great razors with some excellent engravings, including patriotic themes and worlds fairs. Nice score!

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Thanks. I feel like I was pretty lucky yesterday and today. I brought home 10 straight razors, a 1915 Gillette Milady Decollete, and an Illinois Razor Strop Co. Strop in pretty good condition.
Here's one I've been keeping my eyes open for. A Dixie Blue Steel with blue translucent scales. I've seen quite a few but they've all been pretty rough.

Bob L.

Found my second Amboss and Mann razor for my seven-day set. Tuesday and Thursday are in the den. Just five more to find. It needs new scales and the gold wash is gone. Otherwise, it is in fine shape.
DSCN6358 - Amboss and Mann Tuesday - as purchased.jpg
Very impressive Japanese blade. It must have been made for a Sumo wrestler. It looks like Stefan did a beautiful job at restoring it. I love the scales. Please let us know how she shaves.
Thank you. Yes Stefan did the restore/scales. He does an amazing job. Now it needs to be honed.