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Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by wilbr11, Aug 20, 2014.

    Very good day at the Wednesday flea market this morning. One of my regular sellers held these back for me. He knew this was something special. A pair of Wade & Butcher’s in a clean double coffin. One in horn and the other in what appears to be tortoise with inlays. In very good condition for there age

    F6441F77-242F-4EF5-B2CC-A868ED7B17EB.jpeg 312FDDE0-5AD0-43FF-BAB1-A85E11C817F9.jpeg BE4550B1-94A0-4F59-AB02-6E3AF0A83FF5.jpeg 6120761D-187C-4855-A6EC-99DD03B8AEEF.jpeg F15244D0-2C4F-4A24-9590-D57A645D142E.jpeg
  1. Nice find !!!
  2. Thanks Gents
  3. Went back today got these two. Glad I did because the vendor was there. Not only did he gave me a big discount, he took my name and number and told me he had 3 or 4 really nice ones at home. He said he would send me some pictures to see if I was interested.

    This wedge looks like an old one, maybe from early 1800.

    The second one is a Simmons Hardware. I believe it's an early one, pre Keen kutter.
  4. @Mlee You’ve got a great hookup!! Very lucky !
  5. Very nice. That Sheffield looks great.
  6. I don't hesitate to ask, all they can say is no. It's gotten me a lot of nice scores over the years. :a29:
  7. Thanks, it's going need a little work but I think it'll be worth the rescue.
  8. Nothing exciting, but got 2 of these today. Not sure what I am going to do with them, but something to add to the project pile.
  9. Wow!!! Dude your hitting the jackpot!! Great scores and contact!!
  10. I had a 1996 and it honed up and shaved quite well. In fact, i believe it was the razor I learned to hone shave with.
  11. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Very fine razors especially the second. Would it be rude of me to ask how many you've got by now?
  12. Does anyone have any inFormation on this razor ? I’m not sure if it’s a mismatch box either but I only paid $5.

    ED07C8C2-C677-4984-805C-DAA1AC84702F.jpeg DEF44037-E9D3-4E1E-8156-A4179DC157A0.jpeg
  13. OBM akastor and bros
  14. Thanks, I don't hesitate to ask vendors if they have what I'm looking for. Some of my best scores have been a result of just asking. :001_smile
  15. Not at all Arne. I had some spare time this evening to counted them and I must say it's more than I thought.

    First though, a little about my vision so I might not appear to be too much of a hoarder. When I start something, I usually dive in head first, not knowing how deep the water is or which way I'm going to swim, I learn as I go.

    When I got involved with straight razors, I was surprised at how many different types and manufacturers there were and the time span that they were made. After my first find, I found another and another, they seemed to be everywhere and most of them less than a good cheeseburger.

    Not knowing what to look for, I purchased a few that I shouldn't have but that's okay, I'll count it as a learning experience.

    For me, buying a 100+ year old straight razor at a flea market is a lot different than going down to the local hardware store to buy a new screwdriver. The screwdriver will always be there, when they sell out, they'll restock with more. When the straight razor is gone, it's gone. I may never have the opportunity to buy another one just like it and until I know for sure what I want, that might have been the one I was looking for.

    So, during my quest to find the perfect straight razors (for me), I will do as I did with my unwanted safety razors. I passed along over 100 DE, SE, and injectors to friends and family, then sold the rest. The way I see it, as long as I buy a razor in good condition at a good price, I'm basically just holding them for the next person.

    Ok, after the final tally, I have acquired 135 straight razors since mid January and all of them from local flea markets and antique shops.

    My only regret is that I'm not able to shave often enough to use all of my wonderful Double edge razors also. :001_302: :a17: :a29:
  16. Awesome !!!! I feel the same way!! And it’s just amazing that they can stand the test of time !!
  17. Ice-Man

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    Oh no you aswell
    I know the feeling very well I started mine 2 years ago but I was new to it all, so went in head first the last I was down to 175 razors from 246. but now I know what I want as a great man and a friend told me to slow down, but I was like yourself buy buy buy yes I have learned from my mistakes and I have bought junk but those razors I practice on for restoring, honing they get used or I give them away.

    That's why I'm down to 175 a good few are in a restore box and the ones I have restored I use my turning point was when I bought my first custom Koraat so now if I fancy a razor it has to be in a condition that I can make into a beautiful razor again that people enjoy seeing it was the same with DE's, Brushes, Hones, to making strops, but all I can say is enjoy the ride and finding new hobby's along the way as I have. Including making new friends now that is priceless in its own rights....

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