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    The one that Arne picked out is a really nice find.

    The two top ones on the left and the top one on the right will be good starters. The second one from the top on the left would be my "first shaves" choice. I also like the lines of the last razor on the left.

    The second one from the top has a round toe. This means you will be less likely to dig in with the tip. This one has a 5/8s blade. 5/8s is a great size to begin with. It also looks like it will need little aside from honing to get it ready for use.
  1. Thanks for the advice. I am not afraid of I have done many knives for chef school, but I would imagine that straights need much finer work for finishing and I have never used nor do I have a strop.

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  2. Here's one of those "I bought for a special reason" razors. Well two reasons in this case plus a "the price was right" for good measure. The razor was manufactured less than fifteen miles from my home in Manchester, NH. The ebonite scales are in fine shape and if all else fails they will be fitted with a different blade.

    Research turned up a story I hadn't come across too. Herman Greager, the maker, patented the process used to manufacture this blade in 1898. The blade was made longer then the finished product would be. The extra length at the toe was cut off after tempering. The patent claimed this created a "more even hardness" across the length of the cutting edge.

    DSCN6207 - As Found.jpg Full Patent Picture.JPG
  3. Razor honing and knife honing are different. There is lots of info on this topic in the B&B honing threads. Lots of videos out there on YouTube too.

    I've become a fan of modern lapping films for creating the edge and a pasted balsa strop for maintaining the edge. Again there is lots of info on these topics within this site.

    Have Fun!
  4. 9F6C814D-BD63-461A-B183-2788FC52E861.jpeg Just picked up this NOS Filarmonica 12, now can’t wait to get honed and try.
  5. Congratulations. :a14:
  6. With my birthday coming up in a few days, wife gave me some money and said "buy yourself something nice.
    This will be my first Henckels.
    Looking forward to it arriving.

    That's a Beauty!
    Would look really nice sitting next to my 14 and 13.:001_rolle
    Hope you enjoy it.
  7. Well Sir.....although those are all nice razors none of them are suitable as a starter razor....if you would kindly send them to me i will return a more beginner friendly one to you in return :001_302::001_302::001_302::a1::001_tt2::001_tt2:
  8. Nice one!! And happy pre-birthday to you!
  9. Happy B-Day! You've got a fine wife! Treasure her!
  11. Sweet lady + smart dude. That works.
  12. I’m sure it would :) happy birthday btw
  13. Joseph must have been a popular name in the 1800. I have a Joseph Smith & Sons, a Joseph Allen & Son, a Joseph Wostenholm & Sons, a Joseph Elliott, and now I have a Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers to Their Majesties. On the blade it says The Rodgers.

    What would be the time frame for this one? Mid 1800 to 1891?

  14. Cutlers for their majesties is phrased a specific way which is a clue to what year it is...but i don't recall specifically. Depending on how it is worded is who was reigning. Also if you look at the symbols it's supposedly going to give a hint but i can not ever remember how that goes either .
  15. Just won an auction I forgot I bid on. it’s ok though, 6/8 full wedge wade and butcher. Marked Sheffield England so its after 1890 right?
  16. Ha, we'd make a good team. I remember about as much as you do. :001_cool:

    Here's a close up of the tang. I just noticed that it has England on it so that would probably put it after 1890.

  17. The F. Fenny Talley Ho and the red Imp 133 look very promising! Fantastic haul! Have you honed them yet????

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  18. Have not honed any...I have none of the gear for straights...

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  19. Ice-Man

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    This arrived today Joseph Rodgers 5/8th in Ivory Scales

    20190520_211158.jpg 20190520_211213.jpg 20190520_211251.jpg 20190520_211317.jpg 20190520_211457.jpg

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