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Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by wilbr11, Aug 20, 2014.

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    Arne has enabled me again! His wonderful stories about Swedish razors, Swedish steel, and Heljestrands enticed me to pick up this MK 31 in ivory to go with my recent MK 32. The hard part is waiting a couple of weeks, as it's shipping from Australia.

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    Not a lot need to straighten the scales as they have a few twists here and there but otherwise it's not in bad shape

    Oh dear Arne gets around without him knowing, but congratulations on a beautiful score. :001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1: I was watching that one pleased it went to a member, and one that will look after her. :clap::clap::clap::clap:
  3. Wow some beauties have been had for sure!!
    Sadly nothing new coming for me these days....with the last 2 i got we are going to be tapped for a bit.
  4. Oooooh, that is not ugly, like, at all. :D :D

    Nice find.
  5. I drove to my parents house today, it's about a 3 hour drive. My dad's 86 and my mom's 83. I wanted to help them with some stuff around the house and to spend some time with my mom on mother's day. When I arrived, my mom told me she had something for me. I had no idea what to expect and was very surprised when she brought this out.


    About 4 years ago when I started collecting Double Edge razors, she surprised with my Grandfather's black handle Super Speed.

    Unfortunately this one is not an heirloom. She said they went to a place that sells lawn mowers to get my dad a part for his lawn tractor. When they went to pay for the part, there it was in a glass display.

    Heirloom or not, this will always be a special one for me.
  6. That's beautiful.. no matter how good we hone.. moms have an edge. :)
  7. Ha, that is true. :001_smile
  8. Polarbeard

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    G'day mate :001_smile Hope you'll like her.
    Since you got it from your mother and will remember that I'd definitely consider it to be an heirloom, it has all the good aspects of an heirloom.
  9. My first (perhaps last?) straight

    I thought I knew what finding a razor “in the wild” meant. Then my better half said “Is that a switchblade?”. I found this under the log she was eyeballing:

    C52FFC8D-47F8-4804-B06D-4B8DEE4B27C8.jpeg 2CDB427C-68C7-4029-A5F6-ED01EB6CFA8F.jpeg

    It is tiny! I wasn’t looking for a straight, just taking a bike ride. I’m not sure what happens next.... It would be nice to stop the corrosion, clean it a bit.
  10. Literally In the wild! Under a log on a bike ride! It's destiny, it found you and like Alice you have to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. Start watching videos on razor restoration. This could end up being your new detailing razor.

    Although that is tiny and may be a corn razor. My smallest straight razor is 5 inches and the rest are 6. Some of the more knowledgeable straight razor guys should be able to shed some light.
  11. :jump: Very nice!:)
  12. Thanks for the reply Arne. :001_smile
  13. Here's a nice hefty Bengall. Before and after a few minutes on the bench.
    Still needs just a little more.

    Educate me a bit if you will. Most that I've seen are more ornate on the front side of the tang and have writing on the back including the location it was made. This one only has Bengall on it. Are they different or is this one just older? Also, are the ones made in Sweden market so? And anything else you care to share. Thanks
  14. I’m not familiar with their various marks but I have a 6/8 Bengall and a 4/8 and they are excellent shavers
  15. F09EF2E4-66DE-4676-AE68-68F875827C33.jpeg
    5/8 EDACO in horn scales
    Pre Dovo 5/8 Bismarck in clear scales
  16. evnpar

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    Thanks, Leucke.
  17. Thanks. I've heard that they were great shavers. This one is just a hair over 6/8.
  18. Those look great. I really like the scales on both of them.
  19. Thank you. I just finished honing the Bismarck and will use it in the morning.
  20. Dovo No3 in 5/8 - Berigscher Lowe in horn scales

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