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Straight ID help...

Hi, im new to this scene. I just recently started doing property preservation and was cleaning out a horder house where
i found my first straight razor. The box reads George Wostenholm & sons. Real I*XLRazor and the top of box reads I*XL sheffield, eng. Stamped on the razor is Thistle cut. Co. New york usa. From other threads ive read im guessing its not the original box and the razor was made between 1890-1917? I really would like to know if its worth keeping. And any info about it would be great. The blade is still very sharp i barely touched it and it cut my finger pretty good. Thanks!!
Worth keeping ,yes. It could be cleaned and honed. And then you can begin the journey of shaving with a straight razor.
I'm late to the party on this one, but I wanted to say, that is a fantastic looking razor! Not only do you have some awesome looking scales, but the blade itself is in fantastic shape. I am curious about the toe of the razor, it appears to have a bevel on the spine on both sides about halfway up, but no corresponding bevel on the edge. can you take some more photos of this. The thumb notch is a nice touch, you're gonna love it!

Thistle Cut was making razors between 1890-1917 like you said. Further digging revealed another reference work stating that the name was acquired by Clauss-Henkel (not J. A. Henckels) and the Fremont, Ohio razors were manufactured by Clauss. This is all I could really find, but if it was made by Clauss, you have a fine German made blade which was distributed in the states by a US wholesaler.
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