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Stop me before I bleed again

I usually reload my DE blade stock with 50 Feathers and 50 IP Reds. The last batch of Feathers have been unmerciful. Either my technique has gone bad, my nerves are shot or they are making these things sharper. I cannot finish a shave without a half dozen cuts and weepers. I officially give up. Does anyone want 5 unopened 10 packs and one partially use 10 pack? A trade for IP Reds (my go to blade) would be optimal but I have to get rid of the Feathers. Send me your contact info offline and I'll forward to you.:001_smile
It's not you, it's the blade. Some others have noted potentially inconsistent blades from Feather. From my experience, I kind of agree and had a similar outcome as you. I stick with Astra SPs for that reason.

Also, you may consider posting your trade in the BST section under "WTT".
The only razor that makes a decent blade out of a Feather for me is my Ball-end Tech and my Travel Tech. I much prefer Astra SPs, Red IPs, US Personnas or Wilkinson Swords. I never understood all the hype about Feathers. "They are sharp." "So sharp, you will need a transfusion." "They are really sharp and then suck after two shaves." "Two? I only get one!"
Ah.... That is sad. I love Feathers and never had a bad experience with them.
I sincerely hope you'll PIF them to a rookie.
Is there a way to see what batch it comes from? Might be easier to compare. Don't know what the number 248611D at the short end of my box means.
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