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Stone Maintenance Question

Try an Atoma plate or the Shapton DGLP.

Chef’s Knives to Go has the DGLP as cheap as I’ve seen it, and for lapping stones it’s difficult to beat though it is pricey even at discount.

It’s oversized, never loads or clogs because of the pattern, but you can‘t use it on blades because of the pattern.
what grits would be appropriate? In an earlier post suggests 400


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Atoma 400 for flattening, Atoma 600 after it’s mellowed out from use, for finishing the surface, but you can also do this with a cheaper rubbing stone.

These plates change quite a bit with use, a fresh 400 is aggressive and leaves some scratches, one that has been in use for a while, much less so.

The nice things about Atomas are that they don’t stick to the stone as much as DMTs, and you can replace the diamond surface, it’s thin and glued to an aluminum base. But you don’t save very much money doing that.

You can also put a fresh replacement surface, or one of a different grit, on the other side of the Atoma plates, and get a two-sided plate.
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