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Stone holder suggestions?

Need your opinions on the best or ideal stone holder. It can be a purchased unit or even something you wish someone would make.
Bench cookies work well. And Amazon has some stones holders for cheap. Some guys use a piece of thick rubber. They all work.
I purchased my "Bench Cookies" from Amazon.ca (noting that you are in Canada) - search Bench Pucks. They are thin sponge circles for adhering to hockey pucks. They make a great base for razor hones. I never looked for anything else once I found these.
Powertec 71013

Amazon $17 prime shipping

Bench Dog Bench Cookie works good too
Hmmmmmm not sure how those would work with the JNat i have.

This is what I use. It holds the vast majority of my JNats. Unless the ends have really wonky angles, it should grab it well enough to hold the stone. The 3 piece design works well dealing with irregular shaped bottoms, the middle piece can be slid wherever to adjust for any uneveness. Some guys like just rubber blocks. I like the added stability of slight pressure holding on the ends. If a favored stone of mine is really out of wack (shape wise), I will make a dai if its bigger than a small koppa.
Most of the time hand holding.
Or using only the lid from a shapton plastic storage box with a slate between the lid and stone used for honing.
Or just 2-3 slates to get the correct height.
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