Stone Cottage Soapworks Premium Shaving Cream is available!

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    Our preparations for the launch for Stone Cottage Soapworks Premium Shaving Cream are complete and it is now available for purchase on our website! We are offering 12 scents in 6 oz. containers of this thick and pearlescent cream that gives you plenty of nice, foamy and creamy lather and offers a wonderful shaving experience! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and it you want to know more about the scent offerings you can check our Stone Cottage Soapworks Forum or go to our website linked below! We've gotten good responses from our in-store customers and a couple of good reviews here! Check it out!
  1. David,

    Congrats, Welcome and Good Luck.
  2. Thanks rodmonster! We've been busy processing and shipping orders as well as working on new projects. Actually, I have been a member of Badger & Blade since 2008, have been a Vendor here for the last 4+ years and had my own forum above for almost a year now! I look forward to posting more in the future when things settle down.

    Thanks to all of those who have placed orders and are giving Stone Cottage Soapworks Premium Shaving Cream a try! I have been working 7 days a week and staying until 8:30 or later every night to keep up with things and meet the demand. I had the pleasure of seeing brianw yesterday when he came to our shop to buy a couple of containers of the shaving cream. He's full of energy and enthusiasm for the the shaving and pen markets and a very helpful guy. We're lucky here to have him!

    Time to get back to work! Thanks again for your interest and for trying our new product and I look forward to hearing your input and suggestions for new products!

  3. Good day, sir, and congratulations on this new expansion!

    Do you have any plans to offer sample packs of your creams?
  4. Thanks for your interest in Stone Cottage Soapworks Premium Shaving Cream. We had a meeting about that very topic yesterday and we decided that we would be offering single scent testers and 2 different 6 packs of our Classic Scents and our Nouveau scents for sale on our website. I am currently researching packaging will start on this project as soon as I have completed the smaller size shaving cream project. If you wish more information you can check out the Stone Cottage Soapworks Forum.
  5. Wonderful news! I'm a big fan of sampling creams for several reasons, so I'll eagerly look forward to news on this front.
  6. Update! Today I began scenting small batches for the shaving cream samples. When those are completed we can fill them and prepare for purchase on our website. I have to talk to my web gal first them take picture but it looks like we'll be ready with that in the very near future. Then onto other projects!
  7. Thanks for the update! I know you said in a previous post that you're going to offer two different six packs of samplers. Do you foresee offering a mix-and-match for samplers?
  8. What's the site?
  9. I am working this out with my web designer to see if we can do a mix and match six pack as well as the single scent sample to be sold on my website. Thanks! is the site, rickboone1
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  10. Took a look at your site, and I'm intrigued. Waiting to see when the sampler of soaps gets uploaded.
  11. Thanks for your interest! I was working with the web gal today and the changes are almost ready. We will be selling 5 packs and you can choose which scents you would like to try out of the current scents available! It's a good way to experience the Stone Cottage Premium Shave Cream and find the scents that are just right for you! I'll keep you posted on our progress!
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    Excellent !!!!!
  13. Just a reminder that Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Cream is available for sale now! Don't forget to check out Stone Cottage Soapworks Forum on Badger & Blade to see what's going on and keep up with our progress!

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