Stone Cottage Soapworks Premium Shaving Cream is available for purchase!

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    I am happy to report that all of the preparations have been completed and Stone Cottage Soapworks Premium Shaving Cream is available for sale online on our website and also in our retail store in Bloomsbury, New Jersey! I thank you for your patience while we prepared our stock which is available in 12 different scents! We also want to remind you that each and every shaving cream has a matching scented soap available so you can smell wonderful from head to toe! We are eager for you to try it and we look forward to your enjoyment of our new Premium Shaving Cream!

    P.S. An unscented version is in the works!
  1. Hi David: Congrats and look forward to trying your product in the future.

  2. I look forward to it!
  3. I have just added the matching soap and a related soap to each Premium Shaving Cream product so that if you wish a matching or complimentary soap, they will be easy to find.
  4. brianw

    brianw Moderator Emeritus

    Hip Hip Hooray....... I'll be stopping out in a week or 2..

    Guys try this stuff it is superb
  5. Thanks again, brianw for your kind words and your awesome review!

    We are nearing completion on our smaller size shaving cream. I have one more scent to package and our labels are due in this week so hopefully by the week after they will be ready for purchase.

    We are going to offer testers of our Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Cream in the near future which will be available for sale on our website. I am researching packaging and to find just the right container that will work well for a sample but also be reusable for travel! Imagine being able to go on a trip and pack a few different varieties of your favorite scents to enjoy to suit your mood for that day! It will also give you the opportunity to try several or all of our scents to see which you prefer!

    I will keep you posted!
  6. Site looks great. I might be by for some soaps... any plans on making shaving soaps?
    And, are there any samplers of shaving creams or soaps, or "travel size" options, for those of us who are scent-option overwhelmed?
  7. Congrats, continued success.
  8. Thanks for the compliment! I've got a great web gal who wonders with my ideas! If you check out post #6 in this thread you will see the preparations are being made for samples for you to purchase on the site as well as the 3 oz. size which will be available shortly.

    I have done some preparation for shaving soap but will need to work on it a bit more as it is a quite unusual approach! I'll keep you posted on that! Thanks for checking us out! :thumbup:
  9. Thanks Brad! Check back to see what is new and what is up and coming!
  10. Great news David, I missed post 6 somehow, earlier.
    Travel-size bars of the bath soap, too (would be my request)...

    but still, I think I'll just grab a couple full bars, meantime.
  11. Nice! As an Elder of Fougere, I'm very excited about this one. Looking forward to giving it a go. I'll have to get on and place an order shortly - as soon as I know where to have it delivered (life in flux - oy!)
  12. Once you figure out where you're going to be, we'll be happy to send your next order out ASAP! We would be pleased for you to try our Fougere of which we are very proud. It is one of our best selling Stone Cottage Soapworks Premium Shaving Creams!

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