Stone Cottage Soapworks Inc. and The Artisan Emporium reopening June 7th!

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    After a long renovation we are having an Open House on June 7th from 2:00PM - 8:00PM! Over the next few weeks and months we are planning some changes and increasing our offerings here at Stone Cottage Soapworks! The first new product to be released is our long awaited PREMIUM SHAVING CREAM! We will be currently offering 4 scents, Sandalwood, Lavender, Fougère and Bay Lime with Musk, Spiced Bay, Cedre Noire, Hesperide and Vanilla & Vetiver (and of coure, Unscented!) when the next batches are ready. Years of experimentation and research went into developing this shaving cream and it is based on the formulas that produced here in the United States and in Europe during the early part of the 20th Century. They lost favor here in the U.S. when aerosol products came into use and were and are produced most often in the U.K. and are what you here on Badger & Blade refer to as "British Creams". Great care goes into making these creams and the best part is that the preservative used contains no parabens! All of these creams have matching soaps that are already sold here on Stone Cottage Soapworks Inc. so you'll smell great from head to toe!

    We've quadrupled our work space here in our newly renovated building and have retail space that is 9x what we had before in our last store! We share with Stone Cottage Yarnworks where I will be selling hand dyed yarn, teaching knitting to both men and women. We also will carrying lots of handmade items that are made here as well as items that are "Made on Earth" from all over the world! As time passes we will increase our offerings in every venue based on our own inventiveness and the input of our customers so you'll always find something new, unusual and offered nowhere else at "Stone Cottage Soapworks Inc and The Artisan Emporium". We'll keep you posted and let you know when the Shaving Cream goes up on the website for purchase which should be in the next few days and you can always find us on Facebook at

    Wish us luck in our new venture, feel free to stop by if you're in the area and let us know what kinds of things you'd like us to consider making here at SCSInc.!

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    Wow David, that is pretty impressive work. I am usually a hard soap kind of guy but that fougere cream sounds very interesting.

    Cheers, Todd
  2. Thanks Todd! We had our opening on Saturday and had a great turnout! I also sold quite a few tubs of our Premium Shaving Cream and one customer wrote a nice review on our Facebook page about the Fougere that he purchased! They will be up on our website in the next few days and more batches will be made this week!

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    Taking out a moment on our opening day!

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