Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Soap on sale now!

Discussion in 'Stone Cottage Shaving' started by MilfordNJGuy, Oct 17, 2016.

    Look what was waiting on my desk this morning...4 pucks and they all smell heavenly!

  1. Nice picture! :thumbup1:
  2. beginish

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    My jars of Hesperidé and Coconut Sandalwood arrived today. I opened the Coconut Sandalwood for a sniff, and was blown away...what a fantastic fragrance. I can't believe no one thought to put the two together before. I'll take that soap for a spin in the morning.
  3. $2016-11-05 12.41.59.jpg

    Stone Cottage Shaving Soap is now available in our Warren Glen, NJ store!

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