Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Soap on sale now!

Discussion in 'Stone Cottage Shaving' started by MilfordNJGuy, Oct 17, 2016.

    I am happy to announce that Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Soap is now available on!

    I have no idea what the response will be and hopefully we will have enough to fill all orders ASAP!

    Wish us luck!
  1. That's so exciting!! congrats David! We've seen how hard you've worked on it!

    UPDATE: WOW! It's so affordable too! I was terrified that it would be well out of my price range! I can't justify getting it now since I already have soap and I'm on a very tight budget, but that Coconut Sandalwood is definitely going on the birthday wishlist (two weeks away)
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  2. Placed my order today for Coconut Sandalwood and Fougère Premium shaving soap.
  3. Something seems off - I can't find it in the site.
  4. That's was it. Thanks dirk.
  5. OK, Gentlemen! Everything that was ordered today up until 4:00PM has been shipped!
  6. Thanks, Glad to hear you're comfortable with the price and I wish you the happiest of birthday's ahead of time!

    Dirk, thanks for assisting Jack! I know you both found it! :wink2:
  7. David, the products on sale don't seem to be lower in price at this point. Maybe there's a glitch at play? I just thought I would let you know.
  8. David, your Soapy Soap scent seems like a dead-ringer for Calani's Soapy Soap scent, which is outstanding.

    Would you be able to offer both a shaving cream and a shaving soap in this wonderful scent? I promise to purchase the first jar of each one!
  9. David,
    FINALLY! I've been waiting for a month to throw my money at you! Just put my order in and cannot wait to try out your soap, I'm sure it will not disappoint my expectations! Congrats on the release and best wishes!
  10. I just checked out both sites and everything seems OK. Both bar soap and shaving cream are offered on Stone Cottage Soapworks and just the shaving cream is offered on Stone Cottage Shaving. Perhaps you might try refreshing your window? Thanks for letting me know!
  11. John, my arms are reaching out and are happy to be catching your money! Seriously, thank you for your patronage and I hope you and everyone else are pleased with the product!
  12. beginish

    beginish Moderator Emeritus

    Pucks of coconut sandalwood and Hesperide have been ordered.
  13. This brings up an interesting topic. At some point, I was going to mention that I can and will make "limited edition" scents in the shaving soap as the batches are not large at the moment. They can be either scents I'd like to try or if I had a few people who wanted to buy a particular scent then a batch can be made for them. This may be possible to do for the shaving cream as well but the batches of shaving cream are a larger size... just sayin'...
  14. I ordered the Frankincense Fog shaving soap. I'm really looking forward to trying this one out!

    I also ordered the shaving cream sample pack on Friday. I have to admit that I generally prefer shaving soaps, but after reading a review by [MENTION=16143]beginish[/MENTION] from Dec. 2015, I decided to try the sample pack of shaving cream. I figured not only would I get to try this top notch cream, but it will give me the opportunity to check out five scents from Stone Cottage Soapworks for $10+ S&H. (I have to tell myself something to justify yet another purchase. :blushing:)

    Thank you again, David, for taking us along on your journey to create a shaving soap!
  15. I ordered yesterday and had it shipped to my office because I'll be on vacation (in NYC) for a week starting tomorrow. It'll be waiting for me when I get back and I can't wait to try it!!!!

    I picked up the cream sampler, too, as I've been wanting to try your very well received cream. I'll probably order some bath soaps when I need them, too.

    Thanks, David!!
  16. 4 soap pucks ordered! Not all for me though - I will be giving two of them away to some coworkers who I have converted over to this lovely wetshaving lifestyle of ours :D
  17. My puck/tub of Frankincense Fog Shaving Soap and shaving cream sampler came in the mail yesterday before I came to work. The Frankincense Fog scent is intoxicating to me! I can't wait get home from work this morning and try this soap out!
  18. I received Stone Cottage Shaving’s Coconut Sandalwood and Fougère Premium Shaving Soap on Thursday and used one that night.
    I should have waited until I had more time because I was a bit rushed that night and my first lather wasn’t great but it still gave me a perfect shave with great protection resulting in no irritation at all but I was excited and I had been waiting sooooo long for it.

    For the rest of the weekend I was able to take my time and dial in the lather which wasn’t difficult at all. Not sure why I had trouble the first time.
    The soaps both lathered easily providing a thick, creamy lather with loads of protection and slickness.
    Performance wise both soaps were right up there with the best soaps I own and I’m quite happy with the results. Post shave was very nice and left my face feeling moisturized and soft. The pricing makes this soap quite a bargain IMO.

    On Sunday night I used the Fougère and got carried away chasing a BBS shave which I normally pay the price for in substantial irritation but I was pleasantly surprised when I used the alum block and got virtually no burning at all.

    Of the two I liked the Fougère scent the best. It was a clean, fresh scent that was earthy and green which really works for me.
    The Coconut Sandalwood was also very nice. It’s more of a sandalwood scented soap with raw coconut or coconut oil highlights and not sweet like the scent that Mystic Waters produced recently.

    I look forward to reading what others think about David’s new shaving soaps. And if you order some, consider picking up a bath soap bar. I’ve become quite a fan of those too.

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