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Stock on hand for pivot tightening

I had a couple of my Fillys with very loose pivot pins. But I had nothing to serve as an anvil. Rummaging around, I found a 12 inch crescent wrench and the jaw of this wrench was a pretty solid piece of steel. So with a ball pein hammer and the wrench jaw laid flat on my bench for an anvil, with a maybe 20 taps I tightened the pins enough--resting the lower pivot pin collar on the jaw-- so that the blades would stay in position when partially opened or closed. It seemed to work fine
I have such a vise but the garage is very dark and my lights are primitive, I wanted to be sure I was hitting the pin exactly.


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My first peening "anvil" was the side of a claw hammer.

You can use almost any reasonably sized piece of steel that will hold still long enough. I've done it sitting on the floor with a hammer clenched face up between my feet before. If you're a beginner a large, flat anvil made of hardened steel is easier to learn on, but it's really just not a very complex task when you get right down to it.
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