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    A few of you may (or may not) remember, a while ago I was on the hunt for an empty container from Stirling to turn into a little travel kit. Anyhow, my friendly Canadian distributor (thanks Carmine!) ordered one in for me, and I got to work.

    The little container on the top is designed to hold one of Rod & Mandy's sample soaps, and would seal against the lid when it was tightened down.

    While I've still got some revisions to make yet before it's done, including a location for blades, and an additional feature to finish adding, I'm throwing it out here to see what you all think of version one.

    IMG_5395.JPG IMG_5397.JPG IMG_5402.JPG IMG_5406.JPG
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  1. That's pretty slick

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  2. I'd travel with that--it's pretty cool
  3. ajkel64

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    Looking good, great idea.
  4. Awesome travel kit!

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  5. I”m in!
  6. Very well done !!
  7. Chango

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    Very cool!
  8. Ok, that is neat!
  9. Great work! :a14::a14:
  10. Wow that’s pretty awesome! Once you find a space for blades that thing is all you’d ever need for travel. And it’s very compact! Nicely done.
  11. Love it!
  12. Very nice!
  13. figure out a shelf under the AS bottle for a couple blades, leave one in your head and I'd assume you have plenty of room for enough blades. I see the hole in the brush space, does the green tub also have a breather hole under it? seems easy enough to achieve. if you're putting soap on the black top shelf, it looks like you have more depth to exploit on the black main body Looking at the pics, maybe not, for either blade storage and/or more soap volume, with a taller lip to keep the wet soap/residual moisture/suds from infiltrating into the main body. sealing the black lid will allow the container to be tumbled/oriented however you want in luggage.

    very cool concept.
  14. Stirling should market that. I'd get one.
  15. Very cool!
  16. There’s only about 1/2mm of clearance that I have to play with under the brush, unfortunately. Current plan is to try and put some blades in a little bank over the aftershave actually, as the compartment is curved on the bottom to accept the bottle. That being said, I may be able to raise the bottle and fit the bank in from the underside, that’s not a bad idea.

    The little hole is to accommodate a bump in the middle of the empty Stirling soap container - I’m hesitant to add a breather hole in the container itself, as it can currently be used to bowl larger if needed. To make matters more complicated, the container also has a sloped bottom and sloped sides (it’s not straight).

    One of the other features I’m working in is a little o-ring that would better seal the soap dish against the lid, to prevent “moisture seepage”.

    The last thing I’m working on involves all of the holes you see (and the threaded hole) - if I can strategically fit in a shaped plate (or somehow turn the blade bank into one), these will hold 24mm long post sections, which will allow the big compartment to also turn into a brush and razor stand when you have arrived/unpacked/assembled it.
  17. So, version 2.0 is designed, and incorporates a 3mm high slot to insert blades, as well as a plate that would allow it to assemble into a travel brush/razor stand if you so desired. There’s a little thumb opening under the insert that you can use to push the blades out of the storage area.

    Now, onto building the prototype.

    D5926664-3068-426C-ABF1-4AE5507AABA8.jpeg 4705AB44-0AA0-4BFE-B869-139A977134D0.jpeg
  18. bobmsp

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    Really nice work. I tried to do something similar with a Barrister & Mann and foam, but it never really came together as well as yours.
  19. Very clever. Definitely following your progress.

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