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    I've tried a lot of Stirling soaps and I thought I'd give a quick review just as a way to group some of them together since it's sometimes hard to figure out what they smell like given the Stirling descriptions.

    This won't be in much detail and so maybe it's not too helpful but here goes...

    All of the soaps are tallow based (I think) and they all perform well IMO.

    Christmas Eve, one of my favorites (it's a seasonal soap though and isn't carried all year round). It smells like Christmas. :) It reminds me of a room with a Christmas tree in it along with maybe some other Christmas food smells like cinnamon, gingerbread or whatever. It's very pleasant smelling.

    Sandalwood. It smells like sandalwood. :) I'm not a sandalwood connoisseur. I like it. It's one of my standbys. I like the smell better than that of Proraso Red.

    Bay Rum. Again, another standby. It smells like Bay Rum.

    Gatlinburg. I like this one but some may not. It smells a little overpowering just smelling it in the container but still OK. It's good on the face however. It smells like you are in the woods but there is a little smoky/leathery kind of smell going on as well.

    Coniferous, this is just a pure smell of pine trees. No smoke, no leather, very clean smelling.

    Ozark Mountains, this is another of the outdoor scents. It has a sweeter scent than the others.

    Texas on Fire, this smells heavily of cedar (which I love) and smoke. Some think the smoke is kind of overpowering. I don't. The cedar and smoke combination works for me.

    Nag Champa, this smells like a shop that has incense burning. I tried some inexpensive Nag Champa soap samples from Ebay and it burned my face a little and the smell was also just a little off-putting and I threw them away. I find the Stirling version to be quite pleasant. I just have a sample of this but the next time I order soap I will get the large version. It has a clean and refreshing smell IMO.

    I'll mention my preferences right now and the way I tend to categorize Stirling soap so that you know my biases.

    I like earthy scents, I'm not generally a fan of cologne or cologne scents nor am I a fan of fruity scents where shaving soap is concerned. I also don't like menthol.

    This is the way I tend to group Stirling soaps as well...earthy, cologne based, fruit based and soap with menthol.

    Everything I've mentioned so far I would roughly put in the earthy category.

    The cologne based ones that I've tried are Executive Man, Sharp Dressed Man, and Mountain Man. None were "bad" but the only one that I decided to get a large size container of was Sharp Dressed Man. It's based on some aftershave but I can't remember what that is nor had I smelled it before.

    All I will say is that I liked Sharp Dressed Man and that it wasn't an overpowering scent at all. It was just a nice change from the earthy stuff.

    The only menthol soap I tried was Orange Chill. It smells like an orange peel. It's not a bad smell. It is cold due to the menthol.

    Some of the soaps that I sampled but didn't like enough to buy a larger size are Barbershop which was a little too powdery and sweet and Sandpiper. As I recall Sandpiper was based on some cologne. I found it a little too sweet.

    The fruity ones that I tried (I actually have the full size containers) are Peach and Black Cherry. These are pretty much summer scents. I'm not a big fan (as it turns out) of putting fruit on my face.

    The Peach smells like peaches and cream, is very pleasant and smells good enough to eat actually.

    The Black Cherry is very strong. It smells like black cherry cough drops. When you smell it straight out of the container it is a bit overpowering IMO. After its on your face it calms down. It's OK to use occasionally but I couldn't use it daily.

    There are a couple of others that I had samples of and that I decided I wouldn't be getting larger sizes of but I can't remember all of the details.

    One was Bergamot Lavender. I don't know what bergamot is but I have lavender in my yard and it smells good. This doesn't smell like that. I think the description says something like "if lavender had a peel, this is what it would smell like". I just remember it as being a bit sweet but not smelling like lavender.

    Executive Man is supposed to be one of the most popular scents. I was looking for one cologne/aftershave based soap to go with my mostly earthy scents and after sampling Executive Man I crossed it off the list. I ended up with Sharp Dressed Man.

    My short list would be: Christmas Eve, Sandalwood, Bay Rum, Sharp Dressed Man, and Coniferous. The longer list would include Ozark Mountain, Gatlinburg, Texas on Fire and Nag Champa.

    The sample sizes are the same diameter as the regular sizes (just thinner) and are 1 oz as opposed to 5.9 oz. They only cost about $3 so if you eliminate the categories that you care least about, you can whittle the large Stirling offers down to the point where you could order all that you are likely to be interested in. A sample can probably be stretched out to last a month.

    They all perform well and none of them are too off-putting to use.

    If you love menthol, just order all of the menthol samples. Or maybe just order everything that isn't menthol, or fruity, depending on your tastes.

    I hope this "review" has been somewhat helpful.
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    Thanks for the review of these soaps.
  2. That's awesome!! Thanks so much for the review. I'm eyeing Stirling as my next bunch of samples that ill try.

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  3. Thanks for the review, I’ve found all Stirling shave soaps to be of good quality but haven’t tried that many

    What would you recommend for an earthy scent or tobaccoISH?
  4. Thanks for the review
    i have several new aftershave
    and i dont think the new versions or formulation is as strong as the older versions in the square bottles.
  5. Ad Astra

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    Great write-up!

    Stirling's base is universally liked, I think. And there's quite a range of scents.

    Bergamot is a citrus, apparently. And either EM or SDM is based on Creed's Aventus cologne, I forget which.

  6. Ive always seen good reviews .They do have a wide variety and their price point is very acceptable especially justification to get many of the flavors. Ive read recently about the difference in essential oil and fragrance oil but to my use i cant tell any difference. They are usually in stock sometimes on sale ship very promptly with samples thrown in

    ive been using the barbershop flavor soap regularly f or 2 or 3 weeks (not every day) the scent is fantastic but not traditional barbershop more vanilla which i absolutely love. In my limited experience their soap is better wuth a tiny bit more water than i usually have in my brush i fac e lather. i recently ordered their vanilla sandalwood hoping it would smell like barbershop lol
  7. You’ll like Stirling Gentleman
  8. johnwick

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    Excellent review! Great descriptions all in once place.

    I have some work to do. 13 by my count. Doesn’t include several others that are full tube or samples in jars waiting. I enjoy Stirling!

  9. If you like Terre D'Hermes cologne, try Arkadia.
  10. Great simple write up of a great product offering... I'm an exclusive Stirling user for shave soap, bath bars, shampoo bars, after shave, heel and palm balm to name a few. Quality products that are readily available and won't break the bank!!
  11. Great review and I agree with your summation, at least with the ones I've used.

    I just stumbled on Gentleman as they sent me a sample with my new brush, and as it turns out I had a sample of the after shave!

    This may be my favorite so far. Warm, light sweetness, Smokey and a little nutty. The soap is great, but the AS on top of it makes it sing! And the smell lasts forever!

    I shaved with it Tuesday night before bed, and I could still smell it on me Wednesday night.
  12. One benefit with Stirling is that they have so many different scents. I've found that it can be a shot in the dark when you switch from one soap maker to another. I bought Sandalwood from Mama Bear a long time ago and I ended up throwing it away.

    Proraso and Cella are OK but I ended up throwing those away before I finished the container. I have Van Der Hagen shave soap that I now use as bath soap.

    For me, there is a big difference between soap that I could shave with if necessary and soap that I actually enjoy shaving with. It was also kind of a relief when I finally tried out all of the Stirling scents that I was interested in.

    Now I can just settle in and use what I have. I have 10 full size containers so that could last as long as 5 years. :) I've used up Stirling samples but so far I have come no where close to using up a full container.

    I also like that the price per ounce is really pretty close to the cheapest soaps out there and yet the quality and variety is excellent.
  13. How long did it take you to get through a sample?

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  14. Executive Man is the Aventus dupe, Sharp Dressed Man is a Green Irish Tweed dupe
  15. Ad Astra

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    That's it! Thanks.

    I don't care for GIT, but Aventus, I'm with the 99% …

  16. Yeah I’m kindof with you there. I’ve never smelled the Creed version, but the GIT clones I’ve tried from a few artisans don’t make me think I would ever go out and spend big bucks for the real thing, scent profile just doesn’t really do it for me
  17. I highly recommend Iced Pineapple and Island Man for summertime scents.

    +1. Executive man all the way.
  18. The Stirling samples are a generous 1oz, so you could shave everyday for a month or so to kill one depending on how much you lather. If you buy a lot of samples you'll be set for a while!
  19. Three to four weeks.

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