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Stirling Piacenza Aftershave

I used this aftershave this morning. I haven't smelled this fragrance for sometime and I foegot how much I really like it. I used my test sample batch of Stirling Fern and the Piacenza paired well with it.
Very nice. Based off Acqua di Parma IIRC. Other AS with similar scent I’ve tried are Fine Italian Citrus and RR XXX.
I would say 7 out of 10. I also bought the cologne version of Piacenza and it is quite potent. Lasts about 3 hours.
XXX and Piacenza are almost identical, love them both. Another I just picked up is the Chiseled Face Italian Summer soap, and to my nose it smells like the other two but slightly stronger. He is releasing the a/s soon and I am definitely grabbing it!