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Stirling Eucalyptus Mint Review

Eucalyptus Mint is my second Stirling shave soap. After I had the Orange Chill for 6 months or so, I realized that I REALLY liked it as long as I used enough water. When it's fully hydrated, the Stirling soap formula is slick and protective. I even get "magic lather" from it every now and then if I do it right. I still haven't nailed exactly how to make magic lather every time with any of my soaps, but the Stirling will do it.

I think the Eucalyptus Mint uses the same soap base as my previous Orange Chill; no better no worse. Just really nice performance. The face feel of the soap is pretty remarkable. I might enjoy one of my current soaps just a little more in face feel. Stirling is outstanding in this department. As I said, if you hydrate it enough to make it shiny, it gets a bit thinner, a good bit slicker, and really improves the overall shave. At one time I wouldn't use Stirling for my first shave with a brand new Gillette Silver Blue blade as I didn't think it was protective enough. Now I'll use Stirling for any shave including #1. I did that this morning in fact and got a really, really close shave with no irritation.

What about the scent of this unusual soap? It's pretty nice. I have had several people smell it without telling them what it is. Most of them simply say "mint". Others pick up on the eucalyptus eventually, but it's definitely not way out in front or overpowering at all. I would not have thought this before, but the front notes of mint and eucalyptus are kind of similar and blend together enough to sort of hide each other. The combined scent is kind of like mint with a twist. It's unusual but pleasant. I like smelling it while I'm building the lather and I enjoy the notes I get of it while it's on my face as I'm shaving. A good scent for sure.

The cooling properties of this mint based soap are a bit stronger than I had expected. Now don't misunderstand: The level of cooling is NO WHERE NEAR one of their "chill" soaps. Chill soaps have menthol added to them. This is just natural mint, but it's quite a bit of mint and does cool the face kind of a "medium" amount. It's a good bit colder than my Soap Commander Vision which has mint. But several steps down from Orange Chill. Like I said, it's medium cold.

For some reason I keep forgetting what a high value soap this is. I paid just under $14 for this soap, which is in a nice tub with a waterproof label. It's 5.8 oz of soap which is nearly 150% the size of a typical soap which might cost between $14 and $20 depending on the manufacturer. I think that is VERY good value, especially considering the performance of this soap. Not to mention the premium ingredients like lanolin and shea butter.

Overall highly recommended. This would be one of the top soap brands I would recommend to a new wet shaver. ...and of course to the experienced as well. Good scent too if you like eucalyptus and mint.


It's Hedley

Great review. I just received a shipment from Stirling yesterday but will add this to the Spring/Summer order. It sounds like it would be a nice warm weather soap.
I have the Proraso Green aftershave and smell pretty much zero eucalyptus from it. I do not have the Proraso Green soap.

A long time ago I had a tube of C.O. Bigelow shaving cream from Bath and Body works. I'm told that it is Proraso cream with a different label. It was very obviously eucalyptus scented with a good bit of menthol. The Stirling Eucalyptus Mint doesn't have quite as much eucalyptus as that tube of cream did. It's more mint forward.

Thanks for the great review. I was just looking at that today on their website. I got a tub of Stirling Barbershop yesterday. I've only used it once but noticed that it does need quite a bit of water. I'm going to put Eucalyptus Mint on my list to get on my next order.
I have tried many Stirling soaps, but I haven't tried the Eucalyptus and Mint. However - I do have the aftershave splash with the menthol added - and I use it EVERY time after shaving with Santa Maria Novella shave cream. And it pairs outstandingly.